Sawatdii kha and welcome to Sirinya’s Thailand blog


My name is Sirinya and on this site I’ d like to post, write and share everything that interests me about Thailand. However, this may not be a typical travel blog about one of the most popular countries in Southeast Asia, because my focus shall be on Thai culture, art, history and on the people. Even though being based and living in Germany, I’d like to write this blog in English in order to reach a broader and international audience. My aim is not only to entertain you but to provide you with information and facts about the Kingdom of former Siam, its culture and history that may not be generally known.


Bowl of roses at Suan Pakkad Palace Museum, Bangkok, Thailand

Bowl of roses at Suan Pakkad Palace Museum, Bangkok, Thailand

I hope you’d like to accompany me on my journey through topics of Thai culture, art, history and people!

However far a society progresses though no bound, emotional faith to our forefathers’ roots breathes eternity.” (Saengthit Kamlangchai)

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4 Responses

  1. Jens says:

    Hello Sirinya, congratulations for startup of your thailand blog. I am very interested in Thai culture and language. It would be a pleasure for me to support this blog. Jens

    • Sirinya says:

      Thank you, Jens! It is a spontaneous idea of mine to start this blog now. If we want to do a project together in German, we may do this too. Hence, we can make a collaboration. Sirinya

      • Jens says:

        Good morning Sirinya, I like the new design much more than the old one. WordPress seem to be a good and powerful tool. Have a nice day!

  2. Sirinya says:

    Hello Jens, yes I think so too! This design is more elaborate and there are still so many functions to find out about in WordPress 🙂 Have a nice day too!

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