Happy Valentine’s Day!

14th February is a special day because it’s Valentine’s Day, a day of love and harmony. If you ask yourself if this special day for lovers is only a ‘Western matter’ or whether it is also popular in Thailand, you can be sure that the celebrations in Thailand beats Valentine celebrations in the Western world by far.

In point of fact, 14th February festivity for lovers is extremely popular in Thailand, it’s celebrated enthusiastically and passionately. Hence, a lot of time and money is spent for this day and you may also critically say that it is a commercial ‘thing’ over there. In particular, teenager and young people like to exchange presents with their loved ones and they often like to go to a romantic dinner in the evening.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Valentine's Day Tree (photo: Johntex, wikimedia.org)

Valentine’s Day Tree (photo: Johntex, wikimedia.org)

It is the time when guys give beautiful flower bouquets, chocolates and other kinds of sweets to their love.

However, not only teenagers but also adults very much enjoy Valentine’s special Day celebrations in Thailand. Thus, exchanging gifts on this day has become a tradition in Thailand.

Valentine's Day gifts in thailandSelling gifts for lovers in Thailand

Thai flower bouquet for Valentine's Day

Thai flower bouquet

On 14th February, shopping malls are beautifully decorated to suit Valentine’s Day and its setting of love and harmony.

In the malls, there are also stalls which sell flowers, sweets, toys and heart shaped balloons on this special day.

In addition, and this is an interesting and fun fact, many couples like to get married on Valentine’s Day in Thailand. Thus, on this day many couples go to the municipal offices in Bangkok’s district of Bang Rak (บางรัก) in order to register their marriages. In fact, Bang Rak means the ‘love district’ (‘Rak’ is the Thai word for love, to love). As a matter of fact, the Bang Rak district office gives 12 gold marriage certificates to 12 fortunate couples who register their marriage at the district office on 14th February.

Suiting the this day’s theme, I’d like to feature a new song by theBOYKOR. It’s called ‘The Wedding Singer’.

Along these lines, I wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day wherever you are!

Yours, Sirinya