A Street Cat Named Bob in Bangkok, Thailand

In fact, this might seem a little off-topic but yesterday I read in ‘Die Welt’ online (a German newspaper) about the popularity of the novel A Street Cat Named Bobby James Bowen. The most astonishing fact of this article was that the cat Bob has become extremely popular in Bangkok, Thailand!

‘Die Welt’ even called Bangkok the capital city of the ‘Street Cat Bob’ fans! Thus, ‘Bob’ has become quite a phenomenon in Thailand! 🙂

A Street Cat Named Bob

Bob and James Bowen

Bob & James Bowen (photo credit: picture alliance/Newscom via ‘Die Welt’)

Maybe you’ve already heard and read about the ginger-coloured stray cat who is the subject of James Bowen’s best-selling novel ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’. However, let me tell you here in short what it’s about:

The story about Bob is a very moving and uplifting one about a stray cat that finds its way to James Bowen, a poor Londoner street musician. Bob transformes James’s life completely and the two become an inseparable pair, an ‘item’ that is. Together they experience comic, diverse but also dangerous adventures that change their lives thoroughly. Hence, the scars of one another’s troubled past begin to heal.

A Street Cat Named Bob in Bangkok, sairung changkhamchom

A Street Cat Named Bob in Bangkok

‘Bob’ on the roof of the ‘The Petroleum and Petrochemical College’ at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand (photo credit: Sairung Changkhamchom via streetcatbob.blogspot.co.uk)

Hence, I asked myself the reason why ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ has become so popular in Thailand in particular. First of all, I think that Thai people are generally very animal-friendly and there are in fact numerous stray cats living in Thailand. Secondly, Thai people also very much enjoy moving stories that touch the heart. For example, there are so many Thai commercials that have gone viral with their touching messages. Well, one might be justified in claiming that pathos ‘sells’ in Thailand 😉 I don’t mean this in any negative sense, I truly like and enjoy this kind of ‘Thai pathos’ myself because it appeals to compassion, altruism and the redeeming effect of karma. The message is that if you do other beings well then they will do you well too.

bob in bangkok somjook cat

‘Bob’ enthusiasm in Bangkok (photo credit: Somjook Cat via streetcatbob.blogspot.co.uk)

‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ is above all a story of mutual assistance. Both cat and owner profit from each others help and affection and they even become very successful as a pair.

Bob & James Bowen - High five for friendship

Bob & James Bowen – High five for friendship (photo credit: fanpop.com)

Thus, I think it’s no wonder that the moving story of the ‘Street Cat Bob’ has become so much admired in Bangkok, Thailand!

Have you read ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’? And do you like this novel? 🙂

Yours, Sirinya