‘Palmy’ Eve Pancharoen: Thai-Belgian Singer

Palmy is the artist name of the Thai-Belgian pop singer Eve Pancharoen, born in 1981. I first heard of Palmy when I was in Thailand two years ago. That was when my cousin gave me a DVD of a Thai singer Palmy concert. It was the concert called “Ka Ka Ka” from 2012. I was really impressed by Palmy’s show because she is so versatile and she reminded me of 1960s singer-songwriter legend Carol King.

Singer Palmy, Eve Pancharoen*

Singer Palmy, Eve Pancharoen*

On the one side, Palmy is very funny, cute and also very 60s and flower-power-like but on the other side she can also be melancholic, dark and rocking. I find that it’s this mixture that makes her performances so unique and multifaceted.

Thai Singer Palmy

Palmy (Thai: ปาล์มมี่) started her career with the self-titled solo debut album ‘Palmy’ in 2001. A year before, she signed the contract with GMM Grammy. Her first hit was called ‘Yak Rong Dang Dang’.

Since then she has released some more albums and concert DVDs. In fact, we may say that she has explored a variety of popular music styles on each of her solo albums. In addition, she has collaborated with the Thai reggae band T-Bone in order to create experimental versions of her greatest and most popular songs. There are some examples of her experimental music, hence for instance the Flower Power Concert and The Acoustic Album.

Palmy still performs live with T-Bone and she is also frequently a guest vocalist at music festivals (e.g. the Big Mountain Music Festival) and other concerts. For instance, Palmy also performed with Thai ‘Royal Rocker’ Hugo and featured his popular song ‘Disappear in one of her concerts. Even though she has also performed in Australia and the UK, she is more popular in Asian countries, particularly in Thailand.

Thai singer Palmy*

Thai singer Palmy*

In fact, Palmy has featured numerous great songs with other internationally acclaimed musicians like the Thai singer Singto Numchok and the Norwegian artist Erlend Øye. Hence, she not only sings in Thai but also in English like for instance in this charming song ‘Crush’ featuring the latter artist.

I’d like to show you  how versatile Palmy’s music is. Here is a very rocking, well, even 60s Rock ‘n Roll like song called ‘Shy Boy’ from her 4th album.

Or a more melancholic side of her, here is the song “Stay”. What is more, she also sang ‘I want to stop the time’ for the popular Thai ghost movie ‘Phi Mak Phra Khanong’.

In a nutshell, we might be justified in saying that Palmy is very true to herself when making music. She loves to combine different music styles in order to make them her own. In an interview with Monruedee Jansuttipan from ‘The Insider’s Guide to Bangkok’, she said that it’s the most important thing to “do your job with a conscientious attitude. If you do well, no matter what others say, you can be proud of yourself”.

Eve Pancharoen, Thai-Belgian singer*

Eve Pancharoen, Thai-Belgian singer*

Well, this can be considered Thai singer Palmy’s motto and that is in fact what she has done with her music 🙂 In addition, she can be regarded as a very famous Thai celebrity of mixed origin. In short, Palmy rocks 😉

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Palmy, FB page