Traditional Thai Make Up Style and Look


Today I’d like to focus on the topic of ‘Traditional Thai Make Up’. However, I must say right at the start that I could not really figure it out whether there is actually a kind of ‘official’ make up look that is considered traditional in Thailand.

Traditional Thai Make up

Nonetheless, I’ve found some information on how to create make up looks that go well with the style of traditional Thai dresses. As you probably remember from my articles on traditional Thai dresses, these gowns are very beautiful, colourful, extravagant and sometimes also opulently embroidered. Hence, a fresh, natural make up look with predominantly light colours goes best with these kind of Thai dresses which are mostly worn on formal occasions and ceremonies like weddings.

In the following, I’d like to show you some examples of the traditionalistic Thai make up look and the hair style which is worn with this make up.

Traditional Thai Make Up Look and Hair Style

Traditional Thai Make Up Look and Hair Style (photo credit:

I think you will notice that these make up looks are relatively decent, using mostly natural and light rosy colours. Thus, these make up styles provide a glowing and radiant look. There are no bold shades used in these make up styles so that they do not ‘outshine’ the beautiful opulent Thai traditional dresses that are worn with these looks.

Thai wedding make up

Thai wedding make up (photo credit:


Wedding hair and make up for Thai dress

Wedding hair and make up for Thai dress (photo credit:

Traditional make up style (photo credit Amat Nimitpark)

Traditional make up style (photo credit: Amat Nimitpark)

I’ve found a nice video by JAS production showing you in detail how to create such a traditional Thai makeup look. However, this video is only in Thai language and there are no English subs but I think it’s easy to follow just by watching 🙂

In this video, the make up artist focuses on a flawless complexion and creates an earthy-brown smokey eye. In addition, false lashes are applied to enhance the look. In the pictures above, the women also wear artificial lashes as far as I can tell. Thus, I think that false lashes complete the traditional Thai make up look. However, in the video the eye make up is generally stronger than in the photos shown here. Nevertheless, the rosy blush completes the look as well as the rosy nude (light rosewood) shade of the lips. In the video and in the pictures the lip make up is completed by some lip gloss on top for extra shine. In addition, this make up style is also connected with Thai beauty ideals in general.

If you like this look, I recommend you check out my post about Pearypie – Thai Makeup Artist because she also creates this kind of style among others.

Summing up, we may say that a traditional Thai make up look is radiant, using predominantly light and natural colours. What is more, the focus is on the eyes so that artificial lashes are a must to complete this look. Do you like this make up style? I think it’s very pretty and stunning. However, it’s not too flamboyant and I will definitely try it out myself 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

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