Nadech and Yaya: Ideal of The Perfect Couple


When I first saw Nadech Kugimiya (Barry) and Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya) in a clip to the Rising Sun Series (Roy Fun Tawan Deard), a series with a Japanese setting, I thought to myself that they are just to good to be true. Both seem so sweet and cute in whatever they do, it’s unbelievable.

Yaya & Barry (photo credit: NY Always Nadech & Yaya)

Yaya & Barry (photo credit: NY Always Nadech & Yaya)

In addition, Nadech and Yaya are extremely good looking, embodying the Thai beauty ideal of a light complexion, large eyes, tall and slender statue and somehow Western features. Being both ‘Luk kreung’, i.e. half-Thai people, this does not appear so surprising at all 😉

Nadech and Yaya – the Ideal Couple

The constant acting and pairing of Nadech, a Thai-Austrian, and Yaya, a Thai-Norwegian, have made them the most favourite and desirable couple in Thai popular culture. Thus, they are greatly admired by a whole generation of Thai teens. In addition, Nadech and Yaya have captured the hearts and imagination of people who dream of the perfect match.

Nadech & Yaya (photo credit: Amat Nimitpark)

Nadech & Yaya (photo credit: Amat Nimitpark)

Nadech, born 1991 in Khonkaen, was adopted by the Japanese Yoshio Kugimiya and his wife Sudarat Kugimiya. He was discovered at the age of 16 and has been working as a model, actor and singer since then. What is more, he has been studying Communication Arts at Rangsit University. Hence, most recently he has presented his short film ‘Mr. Peters’, a project to complete his B.A. at Rangsit. The film is about the Nan’s forest conservation. Thus, Barry is ‘not just a pretty face’ as the Bangkok Post puts forward.

Here are Nadech and Yaya in a recent photo-shoot this month for Marie Claire magazine.
Yaya, born in 1993, has a Norwegian father and a Thai mother. She was discovered relatively early in her teens, at the age of 14, and has been working as a model and actress ever since. She is the darling of the Thai entertainment industry, extremely popular, and one of the highest paid actresses in Thailand. Everyone adores her and even Thai movie star Ananda Everingham admires her sincere personality. Once in Woody Talk show, Ananda spoke of her as “Yaya who always has an aura of sincerity”.

photo credit:

photo credit:

In fact, Nadech and Yaya have been very successful together. The first time they acted together was in the movie Akkanee’s Heart (Duangjai Akkanee, 2010) which is a kind of ‘Romeo & Juliett’ story. In addition, they starred together in a number of other ‘lakhon’ (Thai term for ‘soap operas’), e.g. ‘Love Game Evil Game’ (Game Rai Game Rak) and ‘Who Own This Land?’ (Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong).

Apart from acting together, both Nadech and Yaya have several contracts for advertising campaigns with different companies. Together they have also been advertising for Lays potato chips.

I think people are so fascinated by Nadech and Yaya because they appear to be perfect young adults and simply beautiful people who do everything they do effortlessly 🙂 We might also speak of a Ya-Dech Factor in this context. What is more, they also strengthen the assumption that half-Thai people are very popular in the Thai entertainment industry.

Nadech & Yaya in The Rising Sun (phot:o

Nadech & Yaya in The Rising Sun (phot:o

What do you think about them? Have you been captured by the Ya-Dech Factor? 😉

Yours, Sirinya

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14 Responses

  1. Avatar Navy Em says:

    I want to know if they really are a romantic couple. Pairing in the industry is a natural business, but I would definitely like to know if the fairytale couple is real.

  2. Avatar Meh says:

    I hope in reality they are together. Just by looking at the photos and everything i think they are actually a romantic couple….

  3. Avatar Peter says:

    I think, it is not important, a couple or not. I think, they are even not able to be a couple. Two poor creatures, without sexuality.

  4. Avatar kabure says:

    I want them to be a real couple in life because they match together and will build a happy family according to their love.

  5. Avatar Jane says:

    Thai and Europeans/Caucasians really mix good. They produce beautiful people who can easily get modelling and acting careers. Half Thai-half Europeans, I must say are lucky people. Just like in my country, where a half Pinoy and half American or European gets a modelling and acting career, and become beauty queens too.

  6. Avatar Lhet says:

    Are they couple in real life? Is there an article or interview confirming that they are in a relationship?

    I’m really curious because I love both of them. I think they are the best couple in Thailand. They really look good together.

  7. Avatar MamadrMa says:

    Hi guys…are You really have no idea that they are in fact a REAL couple? they are in real romantic relationship like Mark Prin and Kimmy Kimberly do. since when it began? Not sure when. I can say that they have been dating more than 5 years. as far I saw them in many footages…Nadech seemed to taking care of Yaya So much. Can’t even imagine Yaya without Nadech. Or otherwise. ?
    As I am Growing adult.. I can accept the fact that pairing in the drama is totally unrelated with pairing in real life. now I only ship actorS who were single only. I think there are still many crazy-get-carried fans who ship the pair in any Onscreen drama despite the actors already Have partner/spouse offscreen.

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