Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana: Thai Fashion Designer

Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana, born in 1987, is a young and accomplished fashion designer in Thailand and very much appreciated for her fabulous look. Not only is she of royal descent, being the daughter of Crown Prince Maha Vajralongkorn and Sujarinee Vivacharawongse, but she is also known for her impeccable style. talent and beauty.

Princess Sirivannavari

Dressed in style, Princess Sirivannavari*

Dressed in style, Princess Sirivannavari*

Hence, she secured her place in the Forbes list of Top 20 royal beauties. Her style is Western and very modern but she also incorporates and combines elements of traditional Thai dresses in her fashion. Her greatest inspiration is her grandmother H.M. Queen Sirikit who is also known as the ‘Queen of Thai Silk’.

Sirivannavari Narirat*

Sirivannavari Narirat*

The Princess enjoys wearing clothes of renowned fashion designers like Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Balmain. Her clothing style can be described as daring and she never wears a look twice. Thus, she stands out in the royal circle. For instance, ‘Princess Siri’, as she is sometimes called in the press, was seen wearing bold thigh-length cut gowns and black lipstick. Hence, her appearance is stunning and flamboyant. In addition, she combines modernity with traditional Thai culture.

Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana

‘Princess Siri’ (photo credit: watroyal.blogspot.de)

What is more, she is also very sportive, having been an international Badminton competitor in the 23rd South East Asian Games in 2005, winning a team gold.

The Princess has studied fashion and textile design in the Faculty of Fine and Applied Art at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. Hence, her career as a fashion designer began in 2007 when she was invited by the French couturier Pierre Balmain to present her fashion show in Paris.

The princess as model*

The princess as model*

In this show, she presented traditional Thai clothing with a modern twist, thus drawing on memories of her grandmother H.M. Queen Sirikit who was a devoted customer of the couturier Pierre Balmain. Hence, her show was appropriately called ‘Presence of the Past’ and it is based on a very harmonious concept combining Thai elegance with contemporary fashion.

Take a look at her fashion profile in this video 🙂

Princess Sirivannavari chooses classic fabrics like silk and brocades for her fashion design. Hence, she also draws on traditional Thai craftsmanship like beetle-wing art to embellish clutch bags and shoes, for instance. In addition, her logo is the peacock which is a royal symbol and thus symbolic of good luck.

Here are some further impressions of her last year’s spring/summer fashion show at Siam Paragon. I dare say this collection is quite ‘futuristic’, however, I also spot some traditional elements here.

Finally, we may say that Princess Sirivannavari is very flamboyant and exotic and so is her fashion design. However, it is also very Thai. What is more, we can claim that the Princess, similar to her grandmother H.M. Queen Sirikit, represents the elegance and richness of the royal court.

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Sirivannavari narirat, FB page