Krissada ‘Noi’ Sukosol Clapp: Thai-American Singer, Actor & Hotelier


‘Thai celebrities known for making a mark in both the music and hospitality industries’ (Financial Times about the Sukosol family)

Krissada Sukosol Clapp, born in 1970, is also known as ‘Noi Pru’ or Krissada Terence. He is the youngest child in the Sukosol dynasty’s third generation. His mother is the famous Thai business lady Kamala Sukosol who is the heiress of the Siam City Hotels and Resorts chain. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Kamala Sukosol is also a Jazz singer and entertainer. Noi’s father Terence H. Clapp is American and also worked in the family business.

Krissada ‘Noi’ Sukosol

Krissada 'Noi' Sukosol (photo credit:

Krissada Sukosol (photo credit:

Hence, being ‘luk kreung’ (half-Thai) Noi grew up in an international surrounding and he is just as multi-talented as his family’s business dynasty. He has worked as Creative Director of the Sukosol family hotel business thus overseeing the design and concept development for all Siam hotels. At Boston University, Noi also took a major in anthropology and a minor in theatre arts. Thus, Krissada is very much interested in culture, arts and he loves antiques. He is said to have more than 2000 antique collector pieces. Thus, the Siam provides the perfect setting for his collection. In addition, he also tries to incorporates unique Thai characteristics into his family’s individualised hotels.

In 2003, Noi married Melanie Giles who is responsible for the Public Relations Departments at The Siam. In the following clip, they talk about their work for the Siam and Noi compares the quality of the hotel to ‘a good song which has soul, is intangible and lasts forever’.

In point of fact, Noi is very multi-faceted and has worked in many different areas. Hence, he is also known as a popular Thai singer of genres like Indie, Pop and Thai Pop. He is the founder of the band ‘Pru’ which was formed in 2001. His elder brother Kamol ‘Sukie’ is also a member in this band where he acts as a guitarist-producer. Krissada was the lead vocalist of Pru and the band won MTV Asia’s award for Favourite Thai Artist in 2002.

As you might remember, the band Pru also participated in the modern rock version of the Thai Ramakien. It is called ‘Ramakien: A Rak Opera’ (2006). Thai rapper and producer Joey Boy was also among the Thai pop music artist 🙂 However, let us enjoy some more of Pru’s music:

Nonetheless, after managing some obstacles, Noi has also become achnowledged as an actor too. His greatest success was starring the character ‘Jod’ in the 1950s style Thai Gangster movie ‘Antapal’ (2012). What is more, we also know him from comedy movies like ‘The Holy Man 3’ (2010) in which he has the leading role playing the former rock star Noi Wongpru who becomes a monk.

In addition, he has also become recognized as an actor starring in films like The Adventure of Iron Pussy (2003) which is a tribute but also a parody of 1970s Thai action and musical films. Noi also had the leading role in Bangkok Loco (2004) which is a musical comedy.

Noi in 13 Beloved (photo credit:

Noi in 13 Beloved (photo credit:

In 2006, he was awarded ‘Best Actor’ at the Thailand National Film Association Awards, the Starpics Awards and the Bangkok Crictics Assembly for his impressive and outstanding performance in the movie “13 Beloved” which can be described as an action horror comedy. In fact, there was an American remake of this movie in 2014 titled ’13 Sins’. Well, I find it’s a kind of ‘badass’ story and not really my kind of movie.

However, a versatile man, we may say 🙂 Krissada Sukosol has many talents and he is the singer and actor of the Sukosol dynasty apart from being a devoted art collector. I admire and love him most for his young and clear voice.

Have you met the Sukosol Family yet? 😉

Yours, Sirinya

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