‘Buddha Bless’ Thai Hip Hop Band: Music with a Message

As you may know from my post about Joey Boy, the King of Thai Rapper, I’m really obsessed with Thai Hip Hop music šŸ˜‰ Hence, I’d like to present you my favourite band in this genre: it’s Buddha Bless!

Buddha Bless*

Buddha Bless*

The bandĀ has three members who eachĀ adopted one of the three colours of reggae. Thus, “Gaotongā€ (Suranan Chumtharathon) takes the colour green, ā€œGui Ouiā€ (Natee Ekwijit) is often seen wearing yellow and ā€œGoh-Mā€ (Kittiphong Khamsat) adopts the colour red. The guys are charismatic and spreadĀ a positive message with their music.

Thai Hip Hip band*

Thai Hip Hop band*

The Story of Buddha Bless

The band was founded in 2006 and promoted by Joey Boy’s record label branch Gancore Club. Buddha Bless’ music is however not only about Hip Hop but also aboutĀ Dancehall Reggae and other Carribean music styles.Ā  Nevertheless, Hip Hop can be regarded as theĀ base of their music. Their first solo album is called ‘Fai Kiao, Fai Daeng’ which means ‘Green light, red light’. A very popular song from this album is ‘Fire’ which can be seen as an excellent combination of Thai and Carribean music.

However, the special feature of their music is that they try toĀ incorporate Thai elements into their music, thus providing it with a unique flavour and style. A very prominent example of Buddha Bless mixing Thai elements into their songs is ‘Puk Tah Krai’ (the Fun). Here is the very amusing video to this song. The quality of theĀ clip is not so good but I could not find a betterĀ version šŸ˜‰

Even though producing solo albums, the band is still active in the Gancore Club. Although the guys from Buddha Bless might appear obscure and a bit weird at first sight, they are in fact very amiable and the lyrics of their songs spread positive messages in accordance with Buddhist thinking. Hence, they were even awarded for their lyrics byĀ Thailandā€™s Buddhist Council šŸ™‚

Buddha Bless in Concert*

Buddha Bless in Concert*

My most favourite Buddha Bless song of all times is called ‘Ngot Sao Kao Pun Sah’ (Lessen the Sadness Before Lent)Ā which is about turning to religion (Buddhism)Ā in order to deal with depression.

Their messages are also against drug abuse and alcoholism. Thus,Ā the bandĀ puts forward that you’re more attractive when you’re sober and promote drinking milk rather than alcohol. That’s what their song ‘Nom’ (‘Milk’)Ā is about. This is by the way also a very suitable song for Songkran, the Thai New Year Festival šŸ˜‰

Pretty decent and genuineĀ chaps, aren’t they? šŸ˜‰ I think Buddha Bless is truly special because their music has a moral and Buddhist message. Thus, their musicĀ is interesting and appealing to both younger and older generations.

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Buddha Bless official, FB page

(A comprehensive source on this topic is Artist Spotlight: Buddha Bless)