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Ann Thongprasom, born 1976 in Bangkok, is a well-known luk kreung actress in Thailand. She was born to a Thai mother and a Swedish father. Since her father died early, Ann grew up with her grandmother in Thailand. Her mother raised Ann’s two brothers and sent some money for her education now and then. Even though Ann missed her parents, she lived happily with her grandma and they took care of each other.

Ann Thongprasom

Ann Thongprasom (photo credit:

Ann Thongprasom (photo credit:

Today, Ann is considered the ‘Princess of Thai Entertainment’. Starting her acting career in the early 1990s, she was the leading actress in numerous Thai TV series in the 2000s. Apart from acting, she has also been a hostess, producer and engaged in some charity projects. For example, she has been appointed as Youth Ambassador for UNICEF Thailand since 2009.

As a young teenager, Ann came into the entertainment industry. A friend of her mother, who was a makeup artist for RS Promotion, once invited her for a music video test. Hence, at the age of 13 Ann featured in her first music video for the singer Pisoot Supwijit.

However, it took a few years until she became a renowned actress. The Lakorn ‘Song Naree’ (Two Women) brought her some popularity and she was awarded the TV Gold award for the Best Leading Actress. In this film, Ann acted out the personalities of the opposing twins Neung and Song. These were demanding and also ambitious roles for the young actress. However, it was also her great chance to become successful.

A lovely actress (photo credit: Ann Thongprasom, FB page)

A lovely actress (photo credit: Ann Thongprasom, FB page)

Since then, she has been a very accomplished and experienced actress winning several awards. For instance, she got another TV Gold Award for Best Leading Actress in Jaosao ‘Prisanna’ and a Top Award in 2001 for her role in ‘Samee Tetra’. In addition, Ann also received the Star Entertainment Award from ‘Raeng Gnao’. What is more, she got 6 awards for her performance in the romantic melodrama ‘The Letter, Jod Mai Rak’ (2004) starring alongside leading actor Num Attaporn. Hence, her great achievements speak for themselves.

Ann also presented a popular TV Show called ‘English on Tour’ on Channel 3. The show focussed on teaching children a variety of English words everyday for one minute. For ‘English on Tour’ she travelled to different places and the show was a great success although it only aired for 60 seconds. In addition, she was also approved another show for children called ‘Sanam Dek Len – Playground’.

The romantic comedy lakorn ‘Om Ruk’, in which Ann starred alongside Ken Theeradeth, became a hit all over Thailand. It is about a kind of love-hate relationship between the aspiring model Napat (Ann) and the photographer Chen (Ken). The country was in an “Oum Ruk Fever” and it lasted on even when this lakorn finally ended. Since the series was a huge success, Channel 3 produced a VCD and DVD box set for ‘Om Ruk’. Furthermore, Ann was awarded ‘Best Actress in a Lakorn’.

In fact, Ann has been in numerous popular series and films so far. Most recently, she starred alongside Thai-Danish actor and singer Peter Corp Dyrendal in ‘Ab Ruk Online’ (2015). What is more, she has also been in a number of commercials, for instance for L’Oreal. In addition, she is not only famous but legendary. Thus, I met her once at Madame Tussauds’ in Bangkok 😉

Ann as wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Bangkok (photo taken by myself)

Ann as wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Bangkok (photo taken by myself)

Summing up, we can say that Ann Thongprasom has been an extraordinary and admirable actress in Thai series and movies for more than 20 years and she is still going strong 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

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