Singto Numchok – Thai Singer & Ukulele Player

Singto Numchok (Numchoke Tanud-rum) is a well-known singer and ukulele player who grew up in Buriram, Thailand. His musical style is similar to that of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and Bruno Mars. Hence, he combines cool jazz sounds with beach surf-rock and pop into a crossover style. He is known for creating feel-good songs 🙂

Singto Numchok*

Singto Numchok*

Singto Numchok’s Story

When he was in this teens, Singto had to leave school and work in a factory because his family was very poor. At the factory, he would play the guitar during lunchtime. At that time he felt very much inspired by the singer Beau Sunita who encouraged him to pursue his dream to become a famous musician. Hence, a fire was lit in him and he decided to realize his heart’s desire.

Singha Tooe, as he is also called, knew that he could achieve anything if he truly pursued his aim. He did not belive in chance or luck. Thus he took his fate into his own hands trying to make the most of himself and his talents. At the beginning of his artist career, Singto and his friends performed their music at pubs but they were not very successful. Eventually, Singto joined the band Mono and recorded two albums with them. However, their songs were no hits either.

The famous Thai singer & ukulele player*

The famous Thai singer & ukulele player*

Nevertheless, Singto would not give up, he loved being at the beach and performing music there. Hence, he left the band Mono moving to Phuket. There he recorded his first album called ‘Singto Numchok’ in 2010 with the record label Pollen Sound. His first single was called ‘Yoo Tor Loet Dai Mai (Can I Stay)” and this song combines soul rhythms with pop.

Apart from playing the guitar, he also tried the ukulele and became very popular playing it. Thus, Singto won the big prize at the first Thailand Ukulele Competition. He received a B16,000 ukulele 🙂

He also released an album named ‘Sticky Rice’ in English since Universal Music liked his music too. This album should sell internationally since he has also performed at music festivals overseas, for example in Japan and Hawaii. Thus, today Singto is also known as an artist in other Asian countries like Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines. In addition, his music is loved in Hawaii because of its surf-rock vibe.

What is more, he produced some popular covers of all-time favourite and classic songs like Stevie Wonder’s My Cherie Amour and Marvin Gaye’s What’s going on. Up until today he has also cooperated with many renowned artists like Joey Boy, Palmy, Stamp and Mr . Lazy, for instance. Recently this year, he perfomed even in London at Thai Square Trafalgar Square.


Summing up, we may say that Singto Numchok is a thoroughbread musician with an unique laid-back style and an affable personality. He sees himself making music his whole life and that is what he really wants to do.

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Singto Numchok, FB page