Top 5 Thai Designers On ZALORA

Thai fashion designers are gaining popularity today. For instance, you can find collections created by Thailand’s most talented designers on ZALORA, a great Thai online retailer. I present to you my Top 5 Thai designers as seen on ZALORA. Some of these couturiers have already gained worldwide recognition, with their brands carried by shops around the world.

Top 5 Thai Designers On ZALORA


ASAVA Thai designer*

ASAVA Thai designer*

ASAVA was founded in 2008 by Polpat Asavaprapha. For ASAVA, classical timelessness and sophistication are the key elements in fashion. Hence, this brand is not so much concerned with trends but rather with establishing an everlasting elegance, subtle classiness and long-lasting style. The aim of ASAVA’s design is to let the wearer feel comfortable, effortless and confident. Thus, ASAVA offers collections for day and night that are stylish, refined and classic.

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ISSUE, Top 5 designer on ZALORA*

ISSUE, Top 5 designers on ZALORA*

ISSUE is a designer brand founded in 1999 that wants to combine Buddhist elements with fashion. Designer pieces by ISSUE are not merely supposed to be clothing but they should reveal and bring out the wearer’s personality and charisma. Thus, ISSUE is exotic and flamboyant offering women- and menswear with colourful graphic prints and motifs inspired by Buddhism.

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In 2012, KEM ISSARA womenswear was founded by talented Thai designer Karatphet Kem Issara. She creates lovely styled tops, dresses, pants, shoes and accessories. This brand was also termed ‘Fresh Face’ fashion line in 2012. We may describe KEM ISSARA’s style as sophisticated, feminine and dainty. However, the balance between playfulness and seriousness is perfect and the outfits are suitable for both day and night.

kemissara-5236-958241-1   kemissara-5280-758241-1   kemissara-8145-638241-1  kemissara-5566-448241-1

4. Munchu’s Clothing

Munchu's Clothing*

Munchu’s Clothing*

Munchu’s Clothing was founded by Munchumart Numbenjapol. This brand’s motto is that fashion is not about following a trend but that it should reflect the wearer’s individuality. Hence, Munchu’s mixes femininity with a boyish touch incorporating Art Deco elements, for example. Hence, in Munchu’s fashion, you often find pieces with elaborate and symmetrical patterns. However, a modern simplicity and wearability dominates Munchu’s womenswear. In this way, Muchu’s is pret-a-porter.

munchu-s-7942-402441-1  munchu-s-0694-686761-1   munchu-s-5800-086761-1 munchu-s-0836-744761-1


5. Milin



Milin was established in 2009 by the talented designer Mimi Yuvacharuskul. This brand can be described as providing modern wear for spontaneous life. Milin fashion is elegant but also edgy, extravagant and bold. The clothing is minimalistic but at the same time very feminine. Apart from clothing, Milin also offers a stunning selection of accessories and shoes. This Thai designer brand has amazing collections full of playfulness and elegance.

milin-8016-109051-1   milin-0162-998051-1  milin-7828-198051-1  milin-7987-788051-1

Collections by the presented Top 5 Thai designers are available at ZALORA Thailand. If you are interested in Thai couturiers and international brands, please check out ZALORA.

Have a nice time shopping or just admiring the amazing and versatile designs! 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

(*All pictures in this post, photo credit: ZALORA Thailand)