Patrick Kronenberger: Thai-German Singer

Patrick Kronenberger is a Thai-German singer and songwriter. Born in November 1988 in Hanau, Germany to a Thai mother and a German father, he moved to Berlin in 2010 to dedicate his life to making music. He also plays the piano since his childhood. He writes, sings and produces all his songs himself.

Singer & songwriter Patrick Kronenberger*

Singer & songwriter Patrick Kronenberger, photo by Marcel Gothow*

Patrick Kronenberger

Since he is a great fan of film music, Patrick calls his musical genre ‘cinema pop’. The special feature of his songs is that he combines classical and modern music in an innovative manner. What is more, his songs are more than just stories – in fact, his lyrics are similar to movie scripts and they have a dramatical action.

Patrick’s songs are predominantly in German and he likes German singers like Nena, Peter Maffay and Udo Jürgens. However, he is already popular in Thailand since his English single ‘Can You Hear Me’ has been well received there.

Patrick Kronenberger (photo credit: John Aigner)*

Patrick Kronenberger (photo credit: John Aigner)*

In addition, when he was in Thailand for holiday last year, he got together with one of the most renowned Thai music producer and they translated his German song ‘Zurück Zu Dir’ into Thai. Thus, the song is called ‘Cheewit ti lur’ (ชีวิตที่เหลือ) in Thai. A record company was enthusiastic about the song. Hence, they organized a spontaneous concert at the Hard Rock Café in Bangkok. The concert was a sellout!

What is more, Patrick is the official cultural ambassador for Germany/Thailand. Thus, he received the ‘Thainess Award’ by Princess Ubolratana Mahidol at the ITB 2015 in Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse). He wants to give Thai as well as German people an understanding of each others culture. Hence, he will collaborate with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) this year and some projects are already planned.

Patrick receives the Thainess Award by Princess Ubolratana Mahidol in Berlin (photo credit:

Patrick receives the Thainess Award by Princess Ubolratana Mahidol in Berlin (photo credit:

Patrick prefers small concerts at clubs to playing for a big audience at stadiums because he enjoys being close to his audience. Nevertheless, he already performed at big concerts alongside stars like Avril Lavigne and Kelly Rowland. For his latest single ‘Für einen letzten Versuch’ (For a last try), he went on tour with the US boyband ‘O-Town’.

Patrick’s music may best be described as modern, rocking but also melancholic sometimes. He also wants to preserve old values. Hence, his single ‘Wie Früher’ (‘As It Used To Be’) takes the audience on a melancholy time journey combining past, present and future. He wants to bring inner values back into people’s conscience and is against the fast moving nature of modern times.

Finally, we may say that Patrick Kronenberger is a thoroughbread musician with a laid-back style and an amiable personality who takes the ideas for his songs from experiences in real life. Thus, his motto is: ‘Life is like a movie, I only write the soundtrack to it’.

Patrick Kronenberger*

‘Wie Früher’, photo by John Aigner*

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*photo credit: Patrick Kronenberger, FB page