Saran Anning: Thai-Australian Singer


Saran Anning is a young Thai-Australian singer who had his first show with the popular Thai band Bodyslam in Khon Kaen. Saran’s musical style may be described as pop and rock. Personally he also likes funk and is addicted to heavy metal.

Saran Anning

Saran Anning*

Saran Anning*

He had his first hit last year featuring the emotional slow rock song ‘Mong Tae Mai Hen, Fung Tae Mai Dai Yin’ (Ignore and Turn a Deaf Ear, in Thai: มองแต่ไม่เห็นฟังแต่ไม่ได้ยิน). He is now an artist at GMM Grammy and Duckbar. Since his first hit single, he has released several other songs which are also featured in Thai TV series.

For instance, his song ‘Rak Tae Mee Yuu Jing’ (True Love Exists, in Thai: รักแท้มีอยู่จริง) is featured in the drama Kad Chueak (Old Thai Boxing) starring half-Thai actor Mik Thongraya among others. This is a slow rock song encouraging the listeners to believe in true love and that this sincere love will find them one day.

He also covered an Oak-smith Arayaskul song called ‘Ta Kwam Kid Thung Kha Kon Dai’ (If Missing You Could Kill Me, in Thai: ถ้าความคิดถึงฆ่าคนได้) that is featured in the romantic comedy Kaew Ta Wan Jai (Sweetheart). It is a pop song but he arranged it to be more rocking to suit his style.

Saran has always been interested in making music and wanted to become a rock star. He started singing when he was a child and later in his early teenage years, he took some music lessons learning to play the guitar, bass and singing professionally.

Thai-Australian singer Saran Anning*

Thai-Australian singer Saran Anning*

He got into working with GMM Grammy after attending an audition. Thus, he got the opportunity to be a trainee singer working with different music producers like Pon Kachapak, Yak Anan and Soom Sukrit.

Saran Anning*

Saran Anning*

Finally, we may say that Saran Anning is a promising young artist who likes to make songs that touch the audience emotionally so that the listeners can identify with the lyrics:-)

Yours, Sirinya

*Photo credit: Saran Anning, FB page

Reference: Interview: Saran Anning, Student Weekly

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