‘Lula’ Kanyarat Tiyapornchai: Thai Singer


Kanyarat Tiyapornchai, better known as Lula, is a popular Thai singer. Her genre is mainly bossa nova and pop. Hence, her music ranges from sweet ballads to sunny and cheerful pop songs. What is more, she also plays the ukulele to accompany some of her songs. She is versatile, likes Brazilian music and also played some Thai indie music at the beginning of her career.

Thai Singer Lula


Lula (ลุลา), Kanyarat Tiyapornchai*

Here is one of her early bossa nova inspired songs. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that Lula is known as Thai bossa nova queen 🙂

However, she also likes electro pop music and this is also reflected in her latest single called ‘Not too far’ (Hang mai klai). In fact, Lula grew up with this kind of music and she even calls electro pop her musical origin 🙂

In the 1990s, she enjoyed listening to alternative and electronic music. Her favourite bands in this genre are Kidnappers and Siam Secret Service.

Lula's new electropop look*

Lula’s new electro pop look, preferring the colours black & white*

Before turing to making music, Lula studied in Australia at the Swinburne University of Technology. Her early songs are mainly bossa nova rhythms paired with feel-good pop music. A few examples of her hits are “Took Ka Ta Na Rod (Girl in the Front Seat),” “Wae La Mai Chauy A Rai (Time Can’t Cure)”, “Mong Dai Tae Ya Chob (You Can Look, But Don’t Flirt) and “Khrai Khon Neung”.

In addition, she has collaborated with other popular Thai musicians and bands like Jetset’er, Soul After Six and Calories Blah Blah. Futher, she sang duets with legendary Bird McIntyre and Sin Singular, for instance.

Thus, she also worked on soundtracks for Thai TV series and generally, she very much appreciates film music. For instance, she favours the soundtrack of ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ at the moment.

Thai singer Lula*

Thai singer Lula*

Her newest song may be regarded as being different from her former musical style. However, even though it has some electronic rhythms, it is still very much influenced by pop music. Up until now, she has released three albums and a forth is supposed to be upcoming soon.

Lula's new electropop look*

Lula’s new electro pop look*

In fact, she has sung so many beautiful duets with other Thai artists like this one from a lakorn with Pijika who is also a Thai singer I very much like.

Finally, we may observe that Thai singer Lula has changed her style from a dainty, feminine look to a more simple yet sophisticated look preferring the colours black and white. Her musical style ranges from bossa nova to electro pop. Nevertheless, she always remains true to herself 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

Reference: Lula goes electro by Tatat Bunnag (Student Weekly)

*photo credit: Lula, FB page lulaandlulis

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