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‘Never give up, no matter what is going on’ (Dalai Lama)

ISSUE Thailand is a designer brand founded in 1999 that wants to combine Buddhist elements with fashion. Designer pieces by ISSUE are not merely supposed to be clothing but they should reveal and bring out the wearer’s personality and charisma.

ISSUE Thailand

ISSUE, Top 5 designer on ZALORA*

ISSUE Thailand*

Hence, this Thai desginer brand embraces the philosophical concept of ‘compassion’ and ‘never give up’ inspired by the teachings of the Dalai Lama. What is more, being a Thai fashion label, the designs are also influenced by the garments of the first Thai royals who went to Europe. Hence, the graphic designs preferably combine traditional Thai and Baroque motifs on different kinds of clothing like tops, jackets, shorts and accessories.

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Thus, ISSUE is exotic and flamboyant offering women- and menswear with colourful and exotic graphic prints and motifs inspired by Buddhism. The brand’s motto is ‘Life is a journey once you stop walking you are already stepping back’. Hence, their aim is to constantly create new high quality ‘passionate wear’ for both men and women.

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In addition, ISSUE is also concerned with the environment and thus wants to show appreciation of the fact by creating fashion that emphasizes oneness with the world and the environment. What is more, this fashion brand is also about exploring exotic cultures and absorbing their inspiring influences.


ISSUE SPICES AW2013 in DICHAN MAGAZINE November 2013, photo: Issue FB page

We may say that ISSUE is extravagant and thus very much appeals to the trendsetter and fashionista emphasizing individualism and cultural diversity in fashion. For this reason, it offers more than just fashion.

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Hence, ISSUE is also among my Top 5 Thai Designer Brands on Zalora 🙂 The collections are always playful and colourful, at the same time encouraging the wearers to combine their outfits in unique ways.

Yours, Sirinya

(All pictures in this post, photo credit: ZALORA Thailand, unless otherwise stated)

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