Srichand: Thai Beauty Brand


Srichand United Dispensary was founded in 1948 by Khun Phong Hanutsaha. At first, the company manufactured and sold only liquid pharmaceutical products. Later, the firm acquired the formula and business of Srichand Scented Powder from Dr. Leng Srichand. Hence, they changed the name of the company to ‘Srichand United Dispensary’.

Srichand – Thai Beauty Brand

Ravit Hanutsaha runs the company that his grandfather founded in 1948 (photo credit:

Today, Ravit Hanutsaha runs the company that his grandfather founded in 1948 (photo credit:

Since then, the company has been operating its businesses in pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetics under the Crown and Srichand trademark.

Hence, Srichand (ศรีจันทร์) offers three main groups of products which are:

  • Liquid pharmaceutical products
  • Chemical products under ‘Srichand Professional’ trademark and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Cosmetics products ‘Srichand Powder’ brand, the special feature of the translucent powders is that they can be used as a mask too, e.g. the Tanaka Gold Powder Mask
Srichand Tanaka Gold Powder Mask (photo credit:

Srichand Tanaka Gold Powder Mask (photo credit:

The liquid pharmaceutical products are for instance tinctures, skin lotion and Gentian Violet solution 1%. They have the trademark ‘Crown’ and ‘Srichand’. They are produced under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard.

Srichand Professional is one of the company’s main businesses comprising importing and repacking of chemical and active pharmaceutical products from around the world. The company has high standards and is recogniszed by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), Thailand Tobacco Monopoly, major manufacturers in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, and many hospitals in Thailand.

Popular for decades - the Srichand translucent powder (photo credit:

Popular for decades – The Srichand translucent powder (photo credit:

Srichand Powder is a renowned and legendary Thai cosmetic product that is produced according to a secret formula that is maintained until today. I have read many reviews recommending the Translucent Powder since it is well known for controlling oily skin while smoothing the surface and leaving a matte texture.

Rebranding has made Srichand products more appealing to younger customers (photo credit:

Rebranding has made Srichand products more appealing to younger customers (photo credit:

Recently, the powder products have been given a vintage makeover that retains the original brand image while making it modern thus fitting into the 21st century. I think the powder is a good product for me that I would really like to try. Hope to purchase this one soon. It is an amazing Thai best selling product that can also be used as a mask when mixed with water. The price is around 280 Bath.

Finally, I think that Srichand is a traditional but also modern Thai brand offering high quality cosmetic and beauty products. I can’t wait to get my hands on the much praised Translucent Powder 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

(Reference: Srichand official page)


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