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La Ong Fong (ละอองฟอง) is a Thai band formed in 1996. Their musical genre is very much influenced by modern vintage, pop and Swedish pop. The name of the band was originally derived from the French word ‘enfant’ meaning ‘children’. This was transliterared to a more Thai sounding word namely ‘ong-fong’ (อองฟอง). In Thai, the words have a meaning of their own since ‘la-ong’ (ละออง) means ‘drizzle’ and ‘fong’ (ฟอง) is ‘bubble’.

 La Ong Fong

Present members of the band: Ae, On & Man*

Present members of the band: Ae, On & Man*

La Ong Fong’s music is predominantly feel-good pop music. Their songs are vibrant, cheerful combining pop, jazz and also rock. The lead singer’s vioce is bright and clear.

Today, the band is a trio. The lead singer is ‘On’ Kornkamol Chaiwatanametin. The other two members are ‘Ae’ Pongchuk Pissathanporn (Bass & Vocal) and ‘Man’ Tanupop Notayanont (Guitar & Vocal). They are the present members of La Ong Fong.

La Ong Fong, Thai band*

La Ong Fong, Thai band*

Actually, the band was launched after Ae and Chompoo met in the Coke Duet Singing Contest back in 1988. ‘Chompoo’ Visa Attaseri was the fist lead singer of the band. She became an artist at GMM Grammy and thus invited Ae to join her.

Ae, on the other hand, asked ‘Fluke’ Danop Srikao whom he knew from scholl to be the drummer. Furthermore, Ae also invited his collegue ‘Nhong’ Witchaya Watthanasup (keyboards) and ‘Man’ Tanupop Notayanont (guitar) to complete the band. Thus, La Ong Fong was born! However, in this constellation the band only produced one album ‘Volume1’. Even though this album was successful, the band was dispersed.

La Ong Fong had a comeback in 2004 when they released the EP Album ‘Volume 2’. Now the band had only three members. Since this EP Album was well-received by the audience, the band deceided to release a full album called Cozy Collection in 2005. Here is ‘Tang Jai Deaw’ (Each heart), a very popular song from the Cozy Collection.

A few recordings at Spicy Disc followed until in 2011 the band came up with a fresh look releasing the album called ‘Wind-up City’. In particular the sound of the song ‘Ab Chob’ (แอบชอบ, like) became iconic.

In 2014, La Ong Fong also ‘turned’ Japanese releasing a five-track EP called ‘Feel Romance Nagasaki’. What is more, the band’s members have also been ambassadors for Nagasaki in Japan. Thus, they also recorded some of their popular hits in Japanese.

La-Ong-Fong ambassadors for Nagasaki in Japan*

La-Ong-Fong ambassadors for Nagasaki in Japan*

Finally, we may say that La Ong Fong is a Thai band making beautiful and versatile music that is gaining popularity even beyond Thailand. Enjoy their amazing sound!

Yours, Sirinya

(*all photos in this post, credit: La Ong Fong, FB page)

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