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In 2012, KEM ISSARA womenswear was founded by talented Thai designer Karatphet Kem Issara. This top Thai designer brand continues to impress fashion observers all over the world. Kem Issara is innovative and stunning. Hence, Kem considerers herself primarily a textile technique designer.

Top Thai designer (photo credit:

Top Thai designer (photo credit:

The Story of Kem Issara

The designer behind this brand studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design in England. She began her career by interning with major brands in New York. Thus, Kem trained with some big names in the fashion industry including Jasmine Di Milo, Chloe Paris and Diane von Fürstenburg. She also earned a degree from the London College of Fashion.

Kem Issara (photo: Kemissarastudio, FB page)

Kem Issara (photo: Kemissara Studio, FB page)

She creates lovely styled tops, dresses, pants, shoes and accessories. This brand was also termed ‘Fresh Face’ fashion line in 2012. We may describe KEM ISSARA’s style as sophisticated, feminine and dainty.



However, the balance between playfulness and seriousness is perfect and the outfits are suitable for both day and night. Thus, the designer believes in creating collections that can work both for a day in the office and a night out with friends.

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Her designs may be called understated. However, they are borne from strong ideas and combine modernity with a touch of vintage fashion. Thus, ISSARA’s design can also be regarded as simple but at the same time the patterns and details are amazingly beautiful and stunning. This feature contributes to the wearability of her fashion.

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In a nutshell, Kem loves textiles and their intrinsic nature, thus her work is inspired by art, classical beauty and timeless femininity. In my view her design might be compared to that of ASAVA since their aims and mission are similar. Thus, KEM ISSARA is also among my Top 5 Thai designer brands on ZALORA 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

(*All pictures in this post, photo credit: Zalora Thailand, unless otherwise stated)

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  1. Avatar Niels E. Poulsen says:

    Any good places to buy shirts, blouses, dresses and more made by KEM ISSARA ? Asia or Europe ?
    Thank you in advance !
    Niels E. Poulsen

    • Avatar Sirinya says:

      Hi Niels, thanks for your comment. In Asia, I think you can purchase Kem Issara articles online at Zalora and on the website.
      Best, Sirinya

  1. 24. September 2015

    […] KEM ISSARA womenswear was founded by talented Thai designer Karatphet Kem Issara. She creates lovely styled […]

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