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Friends of Thai Hip Hop and Rap music will certainly know the group ‘Thaitanium‘ (ไทยเทเนี่ยม) which was formed in 2000. ‘Khan’ Khanngoen Nuanual (King of Da Hustle) and ‘Day’ Nay Myo Thant (Sunny Day) were born in Thailand, whereas the third and youngest member of the band ‘Way’ Prinya Intachai (P. Cess) was born and raised in New York. Most recently, in 2014 the group was awarded the 16th Mnet Asian Music Award for the Artist of the Year in Thailand.

Thai-American Thaitanium (photo: thaitanium FB page)

Thai-American Thaitanium (photo: thaitanium FB page)

The Emergence of Thaitanium

Khan and Day came to San Francisco as teenagers and pursued their dream to become successful musicians. Hence, at first both of them formed a DJ/MC duo in the underground San Francisco Hip Hop scene. During that time, Khan became acquainted to the young artist Way. Hence, the idea of a three-men Thai-American Hip Hop group was born.

Thus, they rapidly produced their first two albums called ‘AA’ and ‘Thai Riders’ which they promoted themselves. During that time they also featured the soundtrack to the Thai film Province 77 starring Thai-American actor Pete Thongjure which deals with Thai immigrants living in Los Angeles.

Their following albums ‘P77’ and ‘RAS’ (Resisting Against Da System) were finally distributed by Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Thus, the Thai entertainment industry, GMM Grammy, also became interested in the group. Actually, the attention and the resulting partnership with Grammy provided the band with independence because they gained the publishing rights to their own songs under the label ‘Thaitanium Entertainment INC.’ Therefore, their album ‘Thailand’s Most Wanted’ (2006) was in fact the first Thai Hip Hop album released by an independent label.

Today, Thaitanium might even be called a group of international range because their popularity is not limited to Thailand. Hence, they give concerts in many different countries, for example in the USA , the UK, Australia, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Thaitanium (photo credit:

Thaitanium (photo credit:

In addition, they cooperate with a variety of artists. For instance, they performed with M-Flo from Japan and invited the American Hip Hop band NAS. What is more, they have had numerous guest appearances with renowned Thai artists like half-Thai pop star Tata Young, popular Thai rapper Joey Boy and Bank Clash for instance.

Additionally to making music, the Thaitanium members have been engaged in a variety of other projects. For example, Khan and Day started their own clothing line called ‘9Face’ and Way was in the 2010 US movie ‘Prince & Me 4’. In fact, Thaitanium Inc. seems to dominate the Thai Hip Hop scene today. Apart from studio albums, they also have created six compilation up until now. I think that part of their success is due to the fact that Thaitanium has cooperated with a great number of other famous artists like the legendary Thai rock band Carabao. for instance.

Summing up, we may say that Thaitanium is with good reason the most prominent Thai Hip Hop group. What is more, they also feature several upcoming Thai musicians and make the most of all aspects of Thai Hip Hop and Rap.

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