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Anchavika was launched in 2011 by Anchalee Vikasidnakhakun. Before becoming a designer, she started off selling noodles at her franchise restaurant ‘Tha Siam’. Anchalee received so many compliments from Thais and foreigners for the clothing she made for her children. Hence, she felt encouraged to start her own fashion label even though she did not have a degree in fashion design. Hence, the Anchavika chlothing line was born!


Anchalee Vikasidnakhakun (Anchavika, FB page)

Anchalee Vikasidnakhakun (Anchavika, FB page)

Anchalee offers a fresh take on fashion because with no fashion designer background, she is able to think out of the box. Thus, she has broken all conventional rules when it comes to fashion design. She creates unique pieces from passion. Her first collection was sold in a showroom in Thonglor. A short while later, she was approved to sell her fashion at a shop-in-shop in Central Silom.

Unconventional fashion design (photo: Anchavika FB page)

Unconventional fashion design (photo: Anchavika FB page)

Her fashion design is very personal and individual. Thus, Anchavika is unique and combines a rockabilly and pin up style with some features of college fashion. Hence, Anchavika collections are mostly inspired by rock and tattoos. At the same time, her fashion is very much based on punk. This allows the wearer to combine very feminine pieces with a touch of masculinity.

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Furthermore, bold prints with a touch of pins, skull buttons, chains and tiger head buttons are a common trait in most clothing from this Thai brand. Thus, Anchalee’s role models are designers like Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier and Roberto Cavalli. Since the brand has been so successful in a short time, she creates two collections each year now.


A combination of college fashion and pin up style is characteristic of Anchavika’s fashion*

There are amazing pieces inspired by rock and punk in her collections. For instance, blouses with padding, silk, lace and leather finished dresses and pants. Hence, this fashion designer does not follow any trends but rather relies on her personal taste and passion for creating extraordinary clothes. For this reason, the collections primarily reflect the designer’s personality.

anchavika-1332-979441-1  anchavika-4067-359441-1   anchavika-7491-089441-1   anchavika-7547-579441-1

Today, Anchavika is a very trendy fashion label in Thailand. Anchalee runs the business with her husband Yutthana. While Anchalee is the product designer, her husband is responsible for graphics and store design.

anchavika-1758-749441-1  anchavika-1791-649441-1  anchavika-1873-149441-1  anchavika-1667-159441-1

Summing up, we may say that Anchavika is funky, innovative and unconventional and may be called a feminine rocker label. If you are interested in this fashion label, please check out the collection on ZALORA.

Yours, Sirinya

(*All pictures in this post, photo credit: ZALORA Thailand, unless otherwise stated)

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