Coconut Oil: My Favourite Natural Beauty Product

Thai traditional Thai beauty products and also Thai food often contain coconut oil which can be considered one of the best natural oils. Coconut oil has numerous health benefits and it is also my favourite natural beauty product. Thus, it is great for all parts of the body and for general health. Organic extra virgin coconut oil has many properties. Thus, it is a multipurpose product for face, body, hair and also for food. For example, coconut oil can be used as a make up remover, in particular for removing eye make up. However, I think the oil is comedogenic which means that it may cloak the pores. Thus, I recommend to only use it as an eye make up remover.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut broken into halves (photo Robert Wetzlmeyr, wikimedia.com)

Coconut broken into halves (photo Robert Wetzlmeyr, wikimedia.com)

Nevertheless, coconut oil is very gentle to the skin and thus particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin types. That is to say, coconut oil is very nourishing to the gentle eye area and also strengthens the eyelashes. Hence, it can also function as an eye cream and as a lip balm. Thus, I think that coconut oil is a good facial cleanser for dry and sensitive skin. This is also known as the oil cleansing method. Personally though, I do not like to use coconut oil as a facial cleanser because of my oily skin.

Coconut everbeautiful.com

Coconuts (photo: everbeautiful.com)

What is more, coconut oil  is also useful as a hair conditioner and mask because it has the ability to fully penetrate the hair shaft and thus moisturize the hair thoroughly. It works best as a pre-shampoo conditioner. Distribute the coconut oil evenly throughout your hair and leave it in for about an hour or overnight. Then shampoo your hair and you will have the smoothest hair ever 🙂 Another option to use coconut oil as a hair conditioner is to do a gradual oiling: put a small amount of oil into the ends each day until the next shampooing.

Alnatura Coconut Oil (photo Sirinya Pakditawan)

Alnatura Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (photo: Sirinya Pakditawan)

In addition, coconut oil can also perform as a natural deodorant because it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. What is more, you can also make a coconut oil body scrub by mixing equal parts of coconut oil with brown organic sugar. Scrub away and this will leave your skin sooo soft 🙂

Alnatura organic coconut oil (photo Sirinya Pakditawan)

Alnatura organic coconut oil can be used for cooking but also for body and hair care (photo: Sirinya Pakditawan)

Last but not least, coconut oil also is a beneficial body moisturizer: it makes your skin amazingly soft and glowing. In addition, coconut oil also has a natural sunscreen (SPF 4). As far as food is concerned, coconut oil can be used for cooking and baking. A small amount of coco oil also makes a nice ingredient in porridge, tea and hot chocolate.

Hei Poa (Pur Monoi Tahiti Oil) with coconut scent (photo Sirinya Pakditawan)

Hei Poa (Pur Monoi Tahiti Oil) with coconut scent is a great product for body & hair care (photo: Sirinya Pakditawan)

I use organic coconut oil by Alnatura which is available here in Germany. For body and haircare I particularly recommend the marvellous Hei Poa (Pur Monoi Tahiti Oil) with coconut scent. Hei Poa is not a pure coconut oil but I find that it is even more suitable for body care that pure coconut oil. There are different varieties of the Hei Poa oil with different ingredients. I found out that Hei Poa (Pur Monoi Tahiti Oil) with coconut scent has the best ingredients since it only contains coconut oil, fragrance, gardenia tahitensis flower extract and tocopherol. Other varieties may also contain alcohol for instance.

Thai brand Paradise Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner (photo: paradisecoconutoil.com)

Thai brand Paradise Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner (photo: paradisecoconutoil.com)

Finally, I can say that coconut oil is my favourite natural beauty product because it is versatile and thus a multipurpose oil. I know that in Thailand there are many great products containing coco oil. For example, the brand ‘Paradise’ offers amazing beauty products with organic coconut oil 🙂

Yours, Sirinya