My Top 5 Thai Singers: Number One Is Palmy


Indeed, this year there has been a lot of music on Sirinya’s Thailand blog. Thus, I feel inspired to do a Top 5 of my favourite Thai singers 🙂 Actually, this proved to be a hard tasks because there are so many Thai musicians and singers that I like. However, I’ve tried to narrow them down to my Top 5 at the moment.

My Top 5 Thai Singers

My number one is defintely Thai-Belgian singer Palmy. I really love her style and her way of performing. In most concerts she performes barefoot and this is also her signature feature.

Thai-Belgian singer Palmy (photo: Palmy FB page)

Thai-Belgian singer Palmy (photo: Palmy FB page)

What is more, Palmy, Eve Pancharoen, is so unique because on the one side her style has a 1960s touch but on the other side she is very modern, rocking but also melancholic sometimes.  In a nutshell, Palmy is charming, amiable and true to herself.

For number two I chose Singto Numchok who is known as Buriram’s Ukulele Lion 🙂 I truly enjoy his feel-good music and the way he combines cool jazz rhythms with surf-rock and pop.

Singto Numchok*

Singto Numchok (photo: Singto Numchok FB page)

In addition Thai singer Singto Numchok is also an example of how to escape poverty by becoming a famous and successful musician. His trademark is the ukulele but he also plays the guitar. Indeed, his relaxed sounds may also be called chill-out music.

Well, my number three is a band. Can you guess which one? Yeah, it’s Thai Hip Hop band Buddha Bless. I think they really make great songs and music with a message.

Thai Hip Hop band*

Thai Hip Hop band Buddha Bless (photo: Buddha Bless Official FB page)

Buddha Bless members Gaotong, Gui Oui and Goh-M might appear a bit crazy sometimes but their music is special and thus their lyrics were even awarded by Thailand’s Buddhist Council. Sometimes Buddha Bless seems over the edge and ‘out of control’ (like their latest song) but they like to create songs with messages in accordance with Buddhist thought.

For number four I chose Lula (Kanyarat Tiyapornchai). She is known as a bossa nova queen and her songs range from ballads to pop songs and also electro pop music. Lula has perfomed duets with many other popular Thai singers and what is more, she has also worked on soundtracks and theme songs for Thai TV series and films.

Lula Kanyarat Tiyapornchai (photo: Lula FB page)

Lula Kanyarat Tiyapornchai (photo: Lula FB page)

A very beautiful example is her duet ‘Cross Love’ with Klui for the TV drama The Rising Sun starring well-known half-Thai actors Mario Maurer, Urassaya Sperbund and Nadech Kugimiya.

Last but not least, for number five I decided to choose an artist about whom I have not written an article yet.

Thai singer Bell Supol (photo: Bell Supol FB page)

Thai singer Bell Supol (photo: Bell Supol FB page)

It’s Bell Supol and I chose him because he sung a wonderful jazzy song that I’ve loved for years. I’ve certainly watched the video to the song a 100 times or more 😉 Let’s enjoy this song!

Finally, I may say that my number one among the Top 5 Thai Singers will ‘always’ remain Palmy! What are your favourite Thai artists?

Yours, Sirinya

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  1. Hit in Thai says:

    I like Palmy so much! She’s so cute, funny and she also has a rocker side too. You really can’t just label her genre, she’s a mixture of everything that’s why you can see how unique her performances are.

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