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The Thai fashion label Lovebird was launched in 2011 by ‘Pam’ Anisha Attaskulchai. She is the founder and designer of this label and had her grand opening debut in 2013 for the Autumn/Winter season.

Anisha Attaskulchai*

Anisha Attaskulchai*


Anisha takes her inspiration mainly from her own personality and from her experiences. Her motto is that a woman is most beautiful when she is in love. This is also reflected in her fashion designs. Hence, Anisha creates very feminine and sensual womenswear that flatter the female body. Thus, her tops exude femininity but at the same time they are also elegant and sophisticated.

'Pam' Anisha Attaskulchai, third left, designer of Lovebird & her models

‘Pam’ Anisha Attaskulchai, third left, the designer & her models*

What is more, she creates long and short dresses that flatter the right female body features. The flared pants and jumpsuits are just as complimentary and charming. Thus, Anisha prefers soft and flowing fabrics like chiffon and silk which are of a high quality. For this reason, Lovebird is also very much concerned with providing flawless pattern-making and high-quality production.

Inside a Lovebird store

Inside a Lovebird store*

The latest collections from this brand are the Autumn/Winter 2014 ‘Silent Roar’ and the Spring/ Summer 2015 ‘A Day in Capri’ collections. The ‘Silent Roar’ collection is inspired by winter landscapes, snowy mountains and the snow leopard which is considered the spirit of the winter. Hence, the colour scheme is cool and cold including icy blue and grey tones but also earthy tones.

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In contrast, ‘A Day in Capri’ is inspired by the enchanted Capri Island and is supposed to represent a woman with alluring charms. This collection brings out the mood of the summer season with sweet colour hues. In short, it is all about timeless glamour and also inspired by Valentino, the world-famous Italian designer.

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In a nutshell, we may say that Lovebird collections reveal a charming and feminine personality. The outfits are elegant and sophisticated but at the same time also flamboyant. This label is for instance available at Zalora Thailand.

Yours, Sirinya

(All pictures, photo credit: Lovebirdbrand, FB page)

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