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Room 39 is a very popular Thai accoustic band that was originally based in Los Angeles, USA. The band has three members called Chutimon “Mon” Vichitrissadee , Isara “Tom” Kitnitchee and Olran “Wan Yai” Chujai. The special feature of this trio is that they literally became successful overnight having a viral success with their YouTube music videos.

Room 39

Thai band Room 39

Thai band Room 39

Back in LA they performed their songs, which were mainly covers, at their friend’s, Baworn “Opac” Abhaiwong, apartment. This is also how the band got it’s name since the friend’s apartment was called Room 39.

Actually, the band’s members met in Los Angeles but everyone of them was born in Thailand. For instance, Mon grew up in Bangkok. Later after studying in Japan and working in Thailand, Mon decided to go move to Los Angeles in order to study marketing and the University of California.

Tom got in touch with the entertainment industry early. He was a child actor on Channel 3’s drama Ruen Mayura. Thus, Tom continued working as a young actor until the age of sixteen. Then he moved with his family to LA. Wan Yai, born in Saraburi, first studied psychology at Srinakharinwirot University before moving to LA where he studied Engineering and Technology at California State University of Los Angeles. In the evening he would make music at bars .

Tom, Mon and Wan Yai, band members of Room 39

Tom, Mon and Wan Yai, band members of Room 39

The trio met and got together at Krueng Tate Restaurant. At first, Tom and Wan Yai played music there. The latter also performed with Thai R&B singer Two Popetorn there. Eventually they met Mon who then became the female singer of the band. The trio is mainly known for its amazing cover versions of popular Thai but also of English songs like this John Legend song called ‘All of me’.

They brought their sound back to Thailand after receiving an invitation by Thai music producer Boyd Kosiyabong. The trio covered songs by Boyd and he very much liked their music. Room 39 think their success is due to the fact that people like to listen to accoustic songs and to cover versions.

The trio Room 39

The trio Room 39

Today, after a few years in the music business, Room 39 is still going strong. Thus, recently they have launched a new single called ‘Can you handle it?’

Finally, we may say that Room 39 is an amazing Thai band that realized the dream of becoming successful overnight on the internet.

Yours, Sirinya

(all photos in this post, credit: Room 39, FB page)

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