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Popetorn Soonthornyanakij, born 1980 in Bangkok, is a versatile R&B and pop singer who has also done some acting in the TV drama Club Friday the Series and worked as a judge on The Voice Kid Season I. His stage- and nickname is ‘2’ (Two). Hence, Two began making music as a kid around the age of five. He first learned the basics of music and began playing keyboard at Yamaha School of Music.

R&B Singer Two Popetorn

Two Popetorn (photo credit:

Two Popetorn (photo credit:

He favours R&B and Motown. Thus, he loves old songs from this era and it shows in his own songs as well. He once said in an interview that this is music which is sincere and charming to him.

After his parents separated, he moved with his mother and sibling to California in the USA. At that time he was a young teenager. After finishing high school, Two attended the Academy of Entertainment in Santa Monica to study computer animation and after graduating from this school, he worked part time as a singer at a friend’s restaurant in Hollywood. At first, singing was merely for fun but later it became his job.

Artist Two (photo credit:

Artist Two (photo credit:

Hence, he met Boyd Kosiyabong who is a well-known Thai singer, songwriter and music producer who is the founder of the Thai music label “LOVEiS” . Meanwhile, Two also founded the band ‘Sunday School’. However, he describes getting acquainted with Boyd Kosiyabong as the peak of his career. Hence, he was chosen to sing with Boyd at a Christian charity concert in Los Angeles.  Eventually, Boyd asked Two to perform the song ‘What Will I Do’ on his album Rhythm & Boyd Eleventh (2006) in Thailand. This song was highly ranked in Thai pop music charts.

This was the start of Two’s success as a singer. Thus, following his first real hit single, he was for instance featured in a song called “Wherever With You” for a Chevrolet Thailand”s ad campaign. What is more, he also featured “The Sound of Your Heart” for a Select Tuna commercial. In the time following, Boyd and Two worked together on numerous songs and Boyd realized Two’s potential as a songwriter and producer. Thus, Boyd encourage him to produce a Pop-R&B song called ‘Move On’ for the album ‘The Strangers’. Additionally, Two also performed the song ‘Cold Winter’ from the same album. There have also been further collaborations with other artists, for instance with the band Endorphine.

Since then, Two has been writing and producing many songs for himself and for other artists. Thus, he has been also frequently featured in songs for TV series and commercials. For example, he perfomed “Your Garden,” written by prominent songwriter Neung Narongvit, for the soundtrack of the recent TV drama, Nai Suan Kwan (In the Garden).

Recently, he also sang the song Taa Riak Man Wa Ruk (‘If it called love’) in the series ‘Ab Ruk Online’ starring popular actors Ann Thongprasom and Peter Corp Dyrendal.

Summing up, we may say that in spite of his growing popularity and success, Two Popetorn remains laid-back, modest and keeps on improving his music and enjoying the meaningful things in life.

Yours, Sirinya

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