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Him and Her was launched in 2010 by the couple and fashionistas Diloklarp ‘Him’ Junthachotibutr and Ploy ‘Paloy’ Horwang. Initially, they sold vintage fashion and collected pieces from around the world. Ploy is the creative director of this brand and she brings much of her vitality and happiness into the designs.

Him and Her Thai fashion

Thai fashion design (photo: Him and Her, FB page)

Thai fashion design (photo: Him and Her, FB page)

Eventually, these Thai fashion designers began creating womenswear themselves when they moved to their new location. Their fashion design is very popular with Thai celebrities today, offering chic, trendy but also dynamic attire. This is just right for the Bangkok fashionistas who like flamboyance and twists in their outfits.

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What is more, Him and Her can also be described as edgy and youthful. Thus, it provides the perfect fit for modern girls. The brand offers clothes that are made for the fashionistas who like to make a statement through fashion and express their personality.

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Hence, this label is indeed very much influenced by the founder Ploy’s vigorous character and lifestyle. By the way, she has also done some modelling herself. Thus, her desgins are not only young and edgy but also sophisticated. In this way, Him and Her has proved to be a brand that is not afraid to evolve and develop.

Ploy Horwang in IMPULSE magazine issue 11(photo: sequinandsuade.com)

Ploy ‘Paloy’ Horwang in IMPULSE magazine issue 11(photo: sequinandsuade.com)

Thus, in 2013 Ploy collaborated with ‘Boss’ Pongsanakorn Samnakvicha in order to infuse Boss’ masculine style to Him and Her’s designs. This was to add more dynamic and sportiness to the designs. Hence, Him and Her’s recent collections have been well received by Thai celebrities like actresses Ploy Cherman Boonyasak and Sirin ‘Cris’ Horwang.


Finally we may also describe this Thai label as streetwear fashion with a girly touch that is nevertheless striking and extravagant.

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(*All pictures in this post, photo credit: ZALORA Thailand, unless otherwise stated)

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