Thai Snack: Fried Mung Beans (Tua Thong)

Today, we are making a nice and easy Thai snack and appetizer: fried mung beans which are called ‘Tua Thong’ (ถั่วทอง) in Thai. Fried mung beans are also a common topping on popular Thai desserts like sweet sticky rice with mango (khao niew ma muang).

Fried Mung Beans

Fried mung beans (photo credit: cooking.kapook.com)

Fried mung beans (photo credit: cooking.kapook.com)

Here is what you need to prepare 3-4 portions:

  • 200g mung beans
  • 1 litre water
  • 500ml palm oil
  • 1 TSP salt


Take a large pot and bring the water to a boil. Put the mung beans in a large bowl and pour hot water on the beans. Let them soak for about 3-4 hours. Then drain the mung beans and let them dry on a plate or tray. Then take a pan or wok and heat the palm oil on a medium heat. Now fry the mung beans for around 5-6 minutes and then remove them from the hot oil. Finally put the fried beans in a container, add salt and mix everything together well. You’re ready to serve!

The following video shows you how to prepare fried mung beans. You can easily learn how to prepare this appetizer 🙂

Hope you’ll give this Thai snack a try!

Yours, Sirinya

(P.S. Please check out my Thai Food Dictionary for more general information)