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I’m Sirinya Pakditawan, I’m a half-Thai born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. If you’re asking¬†– I’m Thai-Chinese from my father’s side and German from my mother’s side ūüôā

Most recently I’ve started a Vintage Fashion blog which you might want to check out too!

Picture from my childhood with my Dad and my aunt, around 1981

Picture from my childhood with my Dad and my aunt

On this site I‚Äô d like to post, write and share with you¬†everything that interests me about Thailand. However, this may not be a typical travel blog about Thailand because my focus shall be on culture, art, history, tradition¬†and on the¬†people of Thailand. In the widest sense, this is a culture blog since I will also deal with many topics concerning Thai popular culture (i.e. music, movies, fashion, beauty). In addition, I also like to deal with topics concerning half-Thai people, so-called ‚Äėluk kreung‚Äô.¬†Nevertheless,¬†you will also find travelogues and articles about Thai food here. Even though being based and living in Germany, I‚Äôd like to write this blog in English in order to reach a broader and international audience. My aim is not only to entertain you but to provide you with information and facts about Thailand, its culture and history that may not be generally known, in particular to the Western world. Now a few words about my educational background: I have a PhD in American Studies. I studied at the University of Hamburg and graduated in 2008. If you’re interested and curious to know, you¬†may look¬†some of¬†my academic texts up here. ¬†Since¬†completing my PhD,¬†¬†I have been mainly working as a freelance writer. I hope you‚Äôd like to accompany me on my journey through¬†topics of Thai culture, art, history and people!

Sawatdii kha!

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