Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong: Thai Singer & Actor

Pongsak Rattanaphong was born in March 1985 in Chiang Mai to Thai-Chinese parents. He is a popular Thai singer in the genres pop and R&B. Additionally, he is also an actor. His stage name and nickname is Aof. Today, he is under contract to GMM Grammy and GMM A.

Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong

Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong*

Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong*

Aof gained much of his popularity through the first season of the Thai reality show and singing contest True Academy Fantasia.  He won the contest in 2005. Since then he has acquired a decade of singing experience, becoming a masterful ballad singer. Thus, in 2010 he was awarded the best male singer at the Season Awards.

His songs are mostly very emotional and sensitive and Aof is known for his soft and smooth voice. He once said in an interview that it is his aim to make the audience feel emotional and experience what he is singing about. Thus, he sings with great passion, energy and fervour 🙂

In 2009, he had his debute in his musical, Lom Haichai, the Musical (The Breath). This musical is based on the songbook of Boyd Kosiyabong who is a renowned Thai singer-songwriter. Apart from singing, Aof has been acting in a few dramas and a movie. Hence, he was in the film Ghost Game (2006) and in the dramas Thee Trakoon Song (Ch. 2006), Artitan Ruk (Ch. 5 2008) and Plerng Torranong (Ch. 3 2011).

Predominantly, the songs in his albums express deep feelings and different emotions. Hence, the album ‘Illusion of love’ is a case in point. It features songs like “Khong Tai (Doormat),” “Rueng Jing Ying Kwa Niyai (Reality Is More Dramatic than a Novel)” and “Kwam Jeb Young Kong Hai Jai (Pain Hasn’t Gone Away Yet).”

Thai Singer: Aof Pongsak*

Thai Singer: Aof Pongsak*

Aof is openly gay. Thus, he came out in April 2013, after some years of speculation but he guessed that his fans already knew anyway. Hence, gay relationships are also a subject of his songs. For instance, “Rueng Jing Ying Kwa Niyai (Reality Is More Dramatic than a Novel)” is about the breaking up of a homosexual relationship.

Most of the songs have subtitles in Chinese, Japanese and English. In fact, Aof also has many fans from China and other Asian countries since his previous hit “Tang Khang Lang Taloo Tueng Huajai (Stabbing in the Back and Through the Heart)” was released in Chinese language for the soundtrack of a Taiwanese TV drama “Love 18” starring Thai-French singer and actor Chin Chinawut as Joshua.

Summing up, we may say that after releasing several albums, Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong is renowned in the Thai entertainment industry. However, he remains laid-back and modest. Thus, he does not expect to be famous but is content if there are producers who are happy to work with him 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong, FB page