Millet with Coconut Milk: Luk Dueai Peak

How about an easy Thai dessert? Today, I’d like to present to you the recipe for sweetened millet with coconut milk. This dessert is called ‘luk dueai peak’ (ลูกเดือย) in Thai. You can also find this treat in Thai local markets where it is often sold. This dessert can be served hot or cold.

Millet with Coconut Milk

Sweetened millet with coconut milk (photo credit:

Sweetened millet with coconut milk (photo credit:

Here is what you need to prepare 5 portions:

  • 100g millet (soak the millet for about 4-6 hours)
  • 1/2 cup of taro
  • 1/8 cup of arrowroot flour
  • 1/8 cup of tapioca flour
  • 3 cups of water
  • 100g sugar (or less, as to taste)
  • 1 cup of coconut cream
  • 1/2 TSP rice flour
  • 1/2 TSP salt


Take a pot and put in the coconut cream, salt and rice flour. Cook on a low heat and stir until the flour and salt dissolve. Take another pot and let the millet simmer on a low to medium heat for around 20-30 minutes. Then add the taro and let it simmer for 3-4 minutes. Now add the sugar and stir until the sugar dissolves. Then mix the tapioca and arrowroot flour with water (you will need about 1/2 cup of water). Add this flour mixture into the pot with the cooked millet. Stirr until the mixture thickens. Well, you’re ready to serve! Put the sweetened millet in a bowl and pour some coconut cream on top 🙂

The following video will show you how to prepare millet with coconut milk. You can easily learn how to cook this sweet treat.

Hope you’ll give this Thai dessert a try!

Yours, Sirinya

(P.S. Please check out my Thai Food Dictionary for more general information)

Thai Egg Cake – Kanom Kai

Thai egg cake is called ‘Kanom Kai’ (ขนมไข่) in Thai. This is a traditional Thai dessert recipe influenced by the Portuguese. The perfect egg cake should have a light texture, be soft inside and crispy outside similar to sponge cake and should not be too sweet.

Thai egg cake

Thai egg cake, Kanom Kai (photo credit:

Thai egg cake, Kanom Kai (photo credit:

Here is what you need to prepare 10 portions:

  • 150g flour
  • 5 eggs
  • 200g sugar
  • 100ml evaporated milk
  • 1 TSP vanilla flavour
  • 1/2 TSP salt
  • Aluminium cake cups or muffin cups


In a first step, whisk the eggs, add in the sugar and mix until it is fluffy. Put in the salt and vanilla flavour and keep on mixing everything together well. Then add in about half of the flour, mix and then add in the milk and the remaining flour. Mix everything together well. Now brush some oil or butter in the cake cups/muffin cups and then you may pour the batter into the cake cups. Let them bake for around 15-20 minutes. And you’re ready to serve! Now enjoy your egg cake with a cup of tea. Have a nice teatime! 🙂

This recipe for Thai egg cake comes from the amazing cooking channel In the following video, you can easily learn how to make this dessert.

Hope you’ll give this amazing Thai dessert a try!

Yours, Sirinya

(P.S. for more general information, check out my Thai Food Dictionary)

Sweet Monster Thailand Desserts

It’s sweet, it’s colourful and fun. Thus, I feel inspired to make a small post about Sweet Monster Thailand. They sell soft ice cream, popcorn, milkshakes and cake shakes in welcoming blue, green and white trucks or kiosks.

Sweet Monster Thailand

A Sweet Monster Thailand Truck*

A Sweet Monster Thailand Truck*

In front of J Avenue, Sukhumvit Soi 15 in Bangkok, there is now such a colourful kiosk selling Sweet Monster ice cream and other desserts every day from 11am to 10pm. This brand comes from South Korea. The special feature of their desserts is that they are all made from organic milk. In addition, the ice cream is supposed to contain at least 75% of milk.

Delicious soft ice cream*

Delicious soft ice cream*

At the moment, the stall at J Avenue only offers the ice cream which can be enjoyed plain or with different toppings like flavoured popcorn or cookie crumbs. You can get a plain cup for 125 TBT.

Flavoured popcorn*

Flavoured popcorn*

The popcorn comes in different flavours like caramel, cheese or chocolate. Thus, the recommended Mix Monster ice cream cup is topped with caramel and cheese popcorn 🙂 There will also be yummy drinks like organic milk shakes and cake shakes soon.

Pure milk shake*

Pure milk shake*

I think this is really worth a try if you love ice cream. My cousin, fashion photographer Amat Nimitpark, recently tried the Mix Monster cup and said it was delicious – aroi maak 🙂

Mix Monster cup (photo credit: Amat Nimitpark, Instagram@amatyai)

Mix Monster cup (photo credit: Amat Nimitpark, Instagram@amatyai)

Finally, if you have the chance and love soft ice cream, I recommend you go to Sweet Monster Thailand and get yourself one of their amazing desserts 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

(*photo credit: Sweet Monster Thailand, FB page)

Thai Dessert: Bananas in Coconut Milk (Kluai Buad Chi) กล้วยบวชชี


Kluai Buad Chi (กล้วยบวชชี), bananas in coconut milk, is the first Thai dessert that I’ve ever prepared for myself because it’s very easy to make and you only need a few ingredients.

My first try on banana dessert in coconut milk (Kluai Buad Chi) did not turn out perfect since my coconut milk was to thick and creamy. Hence, the dessert was too thick and the bananas could not move in there 😉
This was because I only had the creamy part of the coconut milk but not the watery part of it.

Well, let me tell you something more about Kluai Buad Chi, (‘Kluai’ is the Thai word for banana): First of all, it can be considered a very common Thai dessert that is completely vegan.

Bananas in coconut milk

thai dessert: bananas in coconut milk

Thai dessert: bananas in coconut milk (photo credit: Pinterest)

This Thai bananas in coconut milk dessert is usually made with a special type of banana, most commonly small (baby) bananas are used. The banana type used for this dessert is called ‘kluay nam wa’ (musa sapientum). However, you can also use other types of sweet banana for this recipe. Further, you will of course need coconut milk, brown or white sugar as you prefer, a pint of salt and a pandan leaf but this last ingredient is optional.

First, you need to shortly cook the bananas in water (approx. 10 min) and then peel and cut them. Then you prepare the coconut milk and add about a cup of sugar (a bit more or less as you like) and your pint of salt. You can also add a pandan leaf for good taste and aroma but this is optional. Then add your bananas into the pot and let cook with the coconut milk for about 10 minutes. Finally, add the creamy part of the coconut milk. And you’re ready to serve!

Homemade bananas in coconutmilk (photo taken by myself)

Homemade bananas in coconutmilk (photo taken by myself)

I’d like to round this post off by inserting a very nice video on how to make our Thai dessert Kluai Buad Chi, bananas in coconut milk.

It’s by Alif Silpachai who has an interesting and inspiring Thai linguistics and language YouTube channel. Thus, if you are a learner of Thai, you can also learn some Thai words here while preparing your easy Thai dessert!

Check this out and have fun making Kluai Buad Chi! By the way, if you’ve acquired a taste for bananas and coconut now, you may also want to try a Thai style smoothie with bananas, coconut & pineapple 😉


(For more information about Thai desserts, check out my Thai Food Dictionary)

Roti Sai Mai – A Sweet Speciality from Ayutthaya

Following my recent post about my trip to Ayutthaya, I learned that there is a dessert speciality from Ayutthaya which is called Roti Sai Mai. It is also referred to as ‘Sweet Angel Hair’ and Sai Mai (สายไหม) means “silky threads”.

Thus, I searched the internet for this ‘Kanom’ (Thai expression for “sweets, dessert”) and found some amazing pictures of this sweetmeat on Pinterest.

Roti Sai Mai

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Sadly enough, I missed trying this sweetmeat while being in Thailand and visiting Ayutthaya 🙁 However, I hope to catch up on tasting this amazing dessert some time!

Roti Sai Mai is mainly associated with the ancient Kingdom of Ayutthaya. However, today it is generally a popular street food in Thailand that can be found ‘anywhere’. Nevertheless, Ayutthaya is still the centre for the production of these kind of crepes in Thailand.

Making Roti Sai Mai

Making Roti Sai Mai

However, the origins of this colourful sweetmeat goes back to the Indian subcontinent and was most likely brought to Thailand by Indian and Pakistani Roti vendors who migrated to the Kingdom.

In fact, there are different kinds of Roti but this one is made with cotton candy that comes in various colours and is wrapped in a piece or two lightly salted thin paper-like crepes. Since the cotton candy looks like hair, it is called ‘angel hair’ 🙂

candy floss like haircotton candy that looks like hair

roti+saimaicolourful cotton candy

The Roti crepe is very often green in colour. This effect is achieved by adding Pandan leafs to the mix of egg and flour.

1047ab024491fceba0edc0e6398f5ccdHere you see a greenish Roti with pink and purple ‘angel hair’

I think this is an amazingly delicious looking sweetmeat! Yummy!!! 🙂

Have you tried this sweetmeat while being in Thailand?

Finally, I’d like to show you a short video about the Roti Sai Mai production and selling in Ayutthaya.


Have a ‘yummy’ day!

Yours, Sirinya


(All pictures in this post are from Pinterest, for more information about desserts, check out my Thai Food Dictionary)