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Jewels Jelly (photo credit: pantip.com) 0

Thai Dessert: Jewels Jelly (Longan with Jelly)

Today we are preparing a fun and beautiful Thai dessert called Jewels Jelly (in Thai: วุ้นลำไย). This is longan stuffed with different coloured jelly so that the longan resemble jewels. This dessert is easy to make since only few...

Yok Manee (photo credit: m.posttoday.com) 0

Yok Manee: Thai Pandan Tapioca Pudding

Yok Manee (ขนมหยกมณี) is a popular Thai dessert made of sweet pandan sago topped with shredded coconut. This dessert is also called ‘Pandan Tapioca Pearls Pudding’. Characteristically, it is quite sweet and sticky – hence, this is...

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