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Phaneang Curry only with vegetables (photo: Sirinya Pakditawan) 0

Thai Phanaeng Curry พะแนง

Phanaeng curry (พะแนง) is a Thai curry that is quite easy to make because you only need few ingredients. What is more, the curry paste (Khrueang Kaeng) consists of dried chilli peppers, lemongrass, galangal, coriander roots...

Colourful Roti Sai Mai 1

Roti Sai Mai – A Sweet Speciality from Ayutthaya

This post is about Roti Sai Mai which is a sweetmeat speciality from Ayutthaya that has its origins in India. Roti Sai Mai is cotton candy that comes in various colours and is wrapped in a piece or two lightly salted thin paper-like crepes. Since the cotton candy looks like hair, it is called ‘angel hair’

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