Ice Sarunyu: The Prince of Smiles

Saranyu Winaipanit is a talented young singer who was born in September 1984 in Chainat, Thailand. He is also an actor, DJ and model. His love for entertaining has brought him the nickname ‘The Prince of Smiles’ and of course, he is known as Ice Sarunyu.

Ice Sarunyu - The Prince of Smiles*

Ice Sarunyu – The Prince of Smiles*

The Story of Ice Sarunyu

His parents are Thai teachers and when Ice was young, he was kind of an academic kid indulging in his studies. However, he has always loved to entertain people. Hence, at school he engaged in activities like being a reporter, presenter or announcer. In school he liked social studies and history in particular.

Ice has also always loved movies and became interested in acting, thus taking the role of other characters and understanding their intentions. Hence, he has been in some Thai lakorns and movies. For instance, he was in the movie Superstar Stawberry: Movie on TV (2010) and in the TV dramas Duay Rang Hang Ruk (CH 7 2006) and Gong Jak Lai Dok Bua (CH 3 2007).

By the way, if he could chose one actor or actress to work with it would be Thai-Swedish actress and princess of Thai entertainment Ann Thongprasom. Ice himself studied at Sinakarinwirot University, Faculty of fine arts and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Acting and Directing.

Ice Sarunyu*

Ice Sarunyu Winaipanit *

In 2003 he won a competition at the first stage project show and that is how he got into the music business. He performed with many different Thai singers like Palitchoke Ayanaphutra (Peck) and Pongsak Rattanaphong (Aof). They have released an album called ‘Together’ and were in the ‘We R One’ Concert (2008).

Thai singer Ice Sarunyu*

Thai singer Ice Sarunyu*

Ice sees himself primarily as a singer. He loves to sing in every mood and in every situation of his life if happy or sad. However, ‘professionally’ his songs are mostly feel-good pop music. Thus, in 2006 his debut album called ‘ICE’ was released along with the single “Kon Jai Ngai” under the label Thai GMM Grammy.

What is more, he released a Japanese version of the song named “Koi Nanja Nai”. In 2007, his second album ‘Party on Ice’ followed and in 2008 ‘ICE Kool Hits’ were released. This album comprises all songs from his two previous albums. Afterwards, Ice also toured through the USA where he performed in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. Hence, his most recent albums are ‘ICE Festa’ (2010) and Rak Kan Na (รักกันนะ) (2012).

Finally, we may say that Ice Sarunyu is a young man of many talents and and amazing singer. Charmingly, he also likes collecting everything that has to do with the Thai buffalo (Kwaai). He thinks that the buffalo is a beautiful and sweet animal.

Yours, Sirinya

(*all pictures in this post, credit: Ice Sarunyu FB page)

Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong: Thai Singer & Actor

Pongsak Rattanaphong was born in March 1985 in Chiang Mai to Thai-Chinese parents. He is a popular Thai singer in the genres pop and R&B. Additionally, he is also an actor. His stage name and nickname is Aof. Today, he is under contract to GMM Grammy and GMM A.

Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong

Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong*

Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong*

Aof gained much of his popularity through the first season of the Thai reality show and singing contest True Academy Fantasia.  He won the contest in 2005. Since then he has acquired a decade of singing experience, becoming a masterful ballad singer. Thus, in 2010 he was awarded the best male singer at the Season Awards.

His songs are mostly very emotional and sensitive and Aof is known for his soft and smooth voice. He once said in an interview that it is his aim to make the audience feel emotional and experience what he is singing about. Thus, he sings with great passion, energy and fervour 🙂

In 2009, he had his debute in his musical, Lom Haichai, the Musical (The Breath). This musical is based on the songbook of Boyd Kosiyabong who is a renowned Thai singer-songwriter. Apart from singing, Aof has been acting in a few dramas and a movie. Hence, he was in the film Ghost Game (2006) and in the dramas Thee Trakoon Song (Ch. 2006), Artitan Ruk (Ch. 5 2008) and Plerng Torranong (Ch. 3 2011).

Predominantly, the songs in his albums express deep feelings and different emotions. Hence, the album ‘Illusion of love’ is a case in point. It features songs like “Khong Tai (Doormat),” “Rueng Jing Ying Kwa Niyai (Reality Is More Dramatic than a Novel)” and “Kwam Jeb Young Kong Hai Jai (Pain Hasn’t Gone Away Yet).”

Thai Singer: Aof Pongsak*

Thai Singer: Aof Pongsak*

Aof is openly gay. Thus, he came out in April 2013, after some years of speculation but he guessed that his fans already knew anyway. Hence, gay relationships are also a subject of his songs. For instance, “Rueng Jing Ying Kwa Niyai (Reality Is More Dramatic than a Novel)” is about the breaking up of a homosexual relationship.

Most of the songs have subtitles in Chinese, Japanese and English. In fact, Aof also has many fans from China and other Asian countries since his previous hit “Tang Khang Lang Taloo Tueng Huajai (Stabbing in the Back and Through the Heart)” was released in Chinese language for the soundtrack of a Taiwanese TV drama “Love 18” starring Thai-French singer and actor Chin Chinawut as Joshua.

Summing up, we may say that after releasing several albums, Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong is renowned in the Thai entertainment industry. However, he remains laid-back and modest. Thus, he does not expect to be famous but is content if there are producers who are happy to work with him 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong, FB page

Katreeya English: Thai-British Singer & Actress

Katreeya English was born in September 1976 to a British father and a Thai mother in Oxford, England. Hence, Kat English is fluent both in Thai and in English. She started her career as a singer in 1999 and was a very popular face of the new millenium. Kat’s musical style may be described as pop and of course as Thai pop. She was an artist at GMM Grammy from 1999 to 2009.

Katreeya English

Kat English (photo: lostinheaven, sharerice.com)

Kat English (photo: lostinheaven, sharerice.com)

Apart from being a singer and dancer, Kat is also a successful actress, model and presenter. From 2000 to 2007 she produced a new album every year. Hence, her sound deeply influenced Thai pop of the 2000s like this song called ‘Siamese Kat’ (2003).

When she was a teen, she was discovered by an agent when she walked home from school with her brother. This was when Kat got into making her first commercials and thus her first movie also followed. In 1992, she appeared in the films called ‘A-nueng Kit-teung por Sang-keb’ and ‘Chem laew kor Cham’. However, I find that she is a singer in the first place. Here is one of her very early songs from the 2001 album ‘Kat around the clock’.

From that time on, Kat has had many roles in Thai TV series on Channel 3 and 7. Thus, she had her first break with her early Lakorns in the 1990s like Khun Ying Jom Kaen (1993) in her role of Lady Kantima and Nam Sai Jai Jing from the same year.

Katreeya English, Thai-British singer & actress (photo: fanshare.com)

Katreeya English, Thai-British singer & actress (photo: fanshare.com)

Kat loves entertaining people and she truly enjoys being famous and a role model for kids. It is important to her that she is able to do the things that she loves doing. She is a great performer and loves big concerts. Thus, Kat has been in Thailand’s biggest concerts of course.

However, Kat did not becomes famous overnight. When she thinks back at her early career she describes it as enjoyable but also stressful. Thus, her success developed gradually and she got to appreciate the different stages of her career. Well, Katreeya never seems to be aging. She is also a model and keeps fit by doing a lot of sports like swimming and gynmastics and she loves working out.

Katreeya English (photo women.sanook.com)

Katreeya English could be a fitness model (photo: women.sanook.com)

Until today, she is good friends with other actors like Chakrit Yamnarm (Krit) and half-Thai-Scottish actor Ray McDonald since they went to school together. For instance, their friends used to refer to Chakrit and her as KitKat.

Finally, we may say that Katreeya English is really a great and versatile performer. Her dancing skills are amazing. Today, she is still energetic and going strong in the enertainment industry.

Yours, Sirinya

Thaitanium – Thai-American Hip Hop Band

Friends of Thai Hip Hop and Rap music will certainly know the group ‘Thaitanium‘ (ไทยเทเนี่ยม) which was formed in 2000. ‘Khan’ Khanngoen Nuanual (King of Da Hustle) and ‘Day’ Nay Myo Thant (Sunny Day) were born in Thailand, whereas the third and youngest member of the band ‘Way’ Prinya Intachai (P. Cess) was born and raised in New York. Most recently, in 2014 the group was awarded the 16th Mnet Asian Music Award for the Artist of the Year in Thailand.

Thai-American Thaitanium (photo: thaitanium FB page)

Thai-American Thaitanium (photo: thaitanium FB page)

The Emergence of Thaitanium

Khan and Day came to San Francisco as teenagers and pursued their dream to become successful musicians. Hence, at first both of them formed a DJ/MC duo in the underground San Francisco Hip Hop scene. During that time, Khan became acquainted to the young artist Way. Hence, the idea of a three-men Thai-American Hip Hop group was born.

Thus, they rapidly produced their first two albums called ‘AA’ and ‘Thai Riders’ which they promoted themselves. During that time they also featured the soundtrack to the Thai film Province 77 starring Thai-American actor Pete Thongjure which deals with Thai immigrants living in Los Angeles.

Their following albums ‘P77’ and ‘RAS’ (Resisting Against Da System) were finally distributed by Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Thus, the Thai entertainment industry, GMM Grammy, also became interested in the group. Actually, the attention and the resulting partnership with Grammy provided the band with independence because they gained the publishing rights to their own songs under the label ‘Thaitanium Entertainment INC.’ Therefore, their album ‘Thailand’s Most Wanted’ (2006) was in fact the first Thai Hip Hop album released by an independent label.

Today, Thaitanium might even be called a group of international range because their popularity is not limited to Thailand. Hence, they give concerts in many different countries, for example in the USA , the UK, Australia, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Thaitanium (photo credit: wikilenda.com)

Thaitanium (photo credit: wikilenda.com)

In addition, they cooperate with a variety of artists. For instance, they performed with M-Flo from Japan and invited the American Hip Hop band NAS. What is more, they have had numerous guest appearances with renowned Thai artists like half-Thai pop star Tata Young, popular Thai rapper Joey Boy and Bank Clash for instance.

Additionally to making music, the Thaitanium members have been engaged in a variety of other projects. For example, Khan and Day started their own clothing line called ‘9Face’ and Way was in the 2010 US movie ‘Prince & Me 4’. In fact, Thaitanium Inc. seems to dominate the Thai Hip Hop scene today. Apart from studio albums, they also have created six compilation up until now. I think that part of their success is due to the fact that Thaitanium has cooperated with a great number of other famous artists like the legendary Thai rock band Carabao. for instance.

Summing up, we may say that Thaitanium is with good reason the most prominent Thai Hip Hop group. What is more, they also feature several upcoming Thai musicians and make the most of all aspects of Thai Hip Hop and Rap.

Yours, Sirinya

(Reference: thaitanium.biz)

Saran Anning: Thai-Australian Singer

Saran Anning is a young Thai-Australian singer who had his first show with the popular Thai band Bodyslam in Khon Kaen. Saran’s musical style may be described as pop and rock. Personally he also likes funk and is addicted to heavy metal.

Saran Anning

Saran Anning*

Saran Anning*

He had his first hit last year featuring the emotional slow rock song ‘Mong Tae Mai Hen, Fung Tae Mai Dai Yin’ (Ignore and Turn a Deaf Ear, in Thai: มองแต่ไม่เห็นฟังแต่ไม่ได้ยิน). He is now an artist at GMM Grammy and Duckbar. Since his first hit single, he has released several other songs which are also featured in Thai TV series.

For instance, his song ‘Rak Tae Mee Yuu Jing’ (True Love Exists, in Thai: รักแท้มีอยู่จริง) is featured in the drama Kad Chueak (Old Thai Boxing) starring half-Thai actor Mik Thongraya among others. This is a slow rock song encouraging the listeners to believe in true love and that this sincere love will find them one day.

He also covered an Oak-smith Arayaskul song called ‘Ta Kwam Kid Thung Kha Kon Dai’ (If Missing You Could Kill Me, in Thai: ถ้าความคิดถึงฆ่าคนได้) that is featured in the romantic comedy Kaew Ta Wan Jai (Sweetheart). It is a pop song but he arranged it to be more rocking to suit his style.

Saran has always been interested in making music and wanted to become a rock star. He started singing when he was a child and later in his early teenage years, he took some music lessons learning to play the guitar, bass and singing professionally.

Thai-Australian singer Saran Anning*

Thai-Australian singer Saran Anning*

He got into working with GMM Grammy after attending an audition. Thus, he got the opportunity to be a trainee singer working with different music producers like Pon Kachapak, Yak Anan and Soom Sukrit.

Saran Anning*

Saran Anning*

Finally, we may say that Saran Anning is a promising young artist who likes to make songs that touch the audience emotionally so that the listeners can identify with the lyrics:-)

Yours, Sirinya

*Photo credit: Saran Anning, FB page

Reference: Interview: Saran Anning, Student Weekly

Peter Corp Dyrendal – Thai-Danish Singer, Model & Actor

Peter Corp Dyrendal was born on 1.January 1976 in Ishøj, Denmark where he was raised. Being half-Thai, he often went to Thailand as a kid where he would stay with his aunt in Bangkok. He went there almost every year during vacations. When Peter was 17 years old, his aunt pushed him to go for a camera test with a modeling agency. The following year, Peter was back in Bangkok and did some modelling jobs which were at that time mostly for fun.

Peter Corp Dyrendal

Peter Corp Dyrendal (photo credit: Peter Corp FB page)

Peter Corp Dyrendal*

However, when he was 19 he got a promising offer by a Thai advertising agency. On this occasion, he was also discovered as a singer and an artist: Peter was on a modelling job on a beach in Thailand playing the guitar. That was when one of the team members became aware of Peter’s potential as a musician. Hence, he was invited to the Thai record company GMM Grammy for a test.

Thus, Peter was encouraged to try a career as a singer and began taking sinning lessons. A few months later, he signed his contract with GMM Grammy and his debut album ‘Hin Pha Ga Darb’ (1998) became a great success and made him a famous ‘luk kreung’ singer in Thailand. However, the following albums were not so successful. For this reason, he went behind the scenes and worked for the production company Nebula.

Peter also went into acting in Thai TV series (Lakorn). Up until now he starred in five TV dramas. For instance, in 2002 he acted alongside Marsha Vadhanapanich in ‘Sai Lom Kub Saeng Dao’ (Wind and Starlight). In this drama, he played the role of a water sport instructor of Thai-New Zealand descent. I think the following clip is from this film 🙂

In 2012 he was in ‘Noom Baan Rai Khub Whan Jai Hiso’ (Farmer boy and High-society sweetheart) with Thai-British actress Araya A. Hargate. What is more, he also starred in the 2011 Thai movie Fabulous 30.

Lovely picture of Peter with his cat (photo credit: Peter Corp, FB page)

Lovely picture of Peter with his cat*

There is also the drama ‘Narng Rai Sai Lub’ (Villain’s spy) with Rasri Balenciaga and finally ‘Ab Ruk Online’ (Secret love online) with the renowned Thai-Swedish actress Ann Thongprasom. Here is a song from the latter drama ‘Ab Ruk Online’ featuring Peter.

Today, Peter is still an actor and married to Ployphan Taweerat since 2013. They have a little son called Panther, his name is thus a mix of the parent’s names. A next son is expected soon who should be called Puma. Hence, it seems that Peter and his wife keep the ‘P’s and stick to the feline theme as well 😉

Peter, Ploy & son Panther (photo credit: asianfuse.net)

Peter, Ploy & son Panther (photo credit: asianfuse.net)

By the way, Peter is the older brother of Michael Corp Dyrendal who is an entrepreneur and who also has experience in the Thai entertainment industry.

Summing up, we may say that even though Peter Corp Dyrendal has been working for about 20 years in the entertainment business, he is still going strong and we are curious to know what he will come up with next.

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Peter Corp FB page

Chin Chinawut Indracusin: Thai-French Singer

When I started becoming interested in Thai pop music about three to four years ago, Chinawut-Stéphane Indracusin, who is also known as ‘Chin‘, was the first prominent singer that I came across. Chin, born in 1989, is Thai-French. Thus, he is also a ‘luk kreung’ successful in Thai entertainment industry.


Chin Chinawut (photo credit: pinterest.com)

Chin Chinawut (photo credit: pinterest.com)

He started his singing career relatively early by taking part in the GMM Grammy young artist development program called ‘G-Junior’.  In 2003 he came together with Guy and Jay who were also young musicians from ‘G-Junior’. Together they formed the group ‘Big 3’. At this time they primarily made Hip Hop, Rap and R&B music. However, three years later in 2006 the boys from ‘Big 3’ wanted to pursue their own solo careers. This was after the release of their album ‘We are Big 3’.

Chin Chinawut

Chin’s first solo album, released in 2007, has the upbeat title ‘Chin Up’. Hence, his first solo single “Bpak Mai Trong Gub Jai” was a great success and made him a top music star in Thailand.

Chin, Thai-French singer*

Chin, Thai-French singer*

The second album ‘Maybe I’m bad’, released in December 2008, was created in New York. However, I prefer his later albums like Chinawut Indracusin (2008) and Chin Chinawut ‘I believe’ (2011). I think the following song is from the 2008 album. This is one of my favourite songs and I find one of the most beautiful love songs ever 🙂

Nevertheless, there are numerous Chin songs of this kind that I really love. Here another beautiful song that is more recent.

You see, I’m really into these kind of ballads. Here is a jazzy song that I truly cherish 🙂 However, Chin also sings more rocking and catchy songs like ‘My bad habit’. By the way, actress Yaya Urassaya was in the music video to this song.

Apart from singing, Chin has also done some acting, for example he starred in a Taiwanese drama called ‘Love 18’. In addition, he is also familiar with Khon dance which is the Thai masked drama telling the story of Rama. This story is based on the Ramakien which is the Thai version of the Ramayana.

Chin as Khon character Tosakanth (photo credit: pinterest.com)

Chin as Khon character Tosakanth (photo credit: pinterest.com)

For instance, at the World Expo 2010 he also performed as a Khon dancer. He played the character Tosakanth who is the enemy of Phra Ram (Rama). In the following clip, he is getting prepared for the performance. By the way, it is an amazing fact to note that the dancers are actually sown into the costumes. You can also see this in the video of my Khon article where young dancers prepare for their show 🙂

Well, I think Chin Chinawut cuts quite a figure as a Thai pop singer but also as a classical Thai dancer. It’s amazing and as you might have noticed I like his ballads the most 😉

Chin Up*

Chin Up*

Do you know Chin and do you like his music? I think he encourages us to always keep our chins up 😉

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Chin Chinawut, FB page

Joey Boy – King of Thai Rapper

Well, people often can’t imagine that I’m really into Thai Rap and Hip Hop music. They are astonished when I say that I like Joey Boy, the King of Thai Rapper. His real name is Apisit Opasaimlikit, born in 1975 to a Thai-Chinese family. Today, he is known as the foremost Thai rapper, Hip Hop singer and producer. However, he is also very versatile, starring in a variety of different movies. For example, he had the leading role as monk Luang Phi Tet in The Holy Man II which is the second movie of the Holy Man Trilogy.

Joey Boy

Joey Boy

Joey Boy (photo credit: en.likefm.org)

Ever since he was a teenager, Apisit loved listening to Hip Hop music and he also enjoyed skateboarding. Hence, he began to make music himself and in 1994 he was already signed to Bakery Music and soon started his collaboration with Snow who is a very important Canadian reggae artist. Hence, in 1995 he went to Toronto, Canada in order to record the single ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ with Snow. In the video for ‘Fun, Fun,Fun’, Snow and Joey tour through Toronto. Thus, this single became extremely popular in Thailand. The quality of the following video is not so good but unfortunately I could not find a better version. However, it’s fun anyway and I may say that this song is definitely on the crazy side 😉

This was just the start of Joey’s career. A few years later in 2000 he switched to GMM Grammy and launched the Gancore Club, his own record label, and supported other artists like the Thai Rap and Hip Hop Band ‘Buddha Bless’. Furthermore, he also collaborated with the Black Eyed Peas. When the rapper went to the United States, he introduced himself informally to will.i.am (William Adams) of The Black Eyed Peas. The rapper recalls meeting will.i.am outside a disco in San Francisco where he approached him with the words:”Hey you, we’re Thai rappers and we like your songs”. Very cool! 😉 He was successful, finally his song ‘LA to BKK’ was co-produced by will.i.am and became a hit in Thailand.

Joey Boy further collaborated with the Black Eyed Peas and this contributed even more to this success. For instance, in 2004 he was in the opening act when the Black Eyed Peas played in Thailand as well as in 2006 when they performed in Bangkok.

However, Joey’s music is not only about Rap and Hip Hop. In fact, he is very talented and versatile. Hence, he also participated in ‘Ramakien: A Rak Opera’ which is a rocking-opera adaptation of Thailand’s national epic, the Ramakien. What is more, he also played the band leader of ‘The Possible’, a 1970s Thai band, in 2006. Since then he has featured in many other film genres. However, here is a very cool 70s song from The Possible 🙂

In a nutshell, we may claim that Joey Boy is justifiably a very prominent Thai artist. Nonetheless, there was some controversy concerning his song ‘Maya’ which was recorded on CDs in 1998 and 2005. This controvery was because the song contained verses from the Quaran and thus many Thai Muslims found this very insulting. As a consequence, the concerning records were recalled and he apologized officially, giving a traditional Thai ‘wai’.

The artist is also known for softer R&B sounds, here is just one example:

Well, even though Joey Boy may have experienced some controversies, his music and his motto remains ‘Fun, Fun Fun tuk wan’ (fun, fun, fun every day) 🙂

Do you like Thai Rap and Hip Hop music?

Yours, Sirinya

‘Palmy’ Eve Pancharoen: Thai-Belgian Singer

Palmy is the artist name of the Thai-Belgian pop singer Eve Pancharoen, born in 1981. I first heard of Palmy when I was in Thailand two years ago. That was when my cousin gave me a DVD of a Thai singer Palmy concert. It was the concert called “Ka Ka Ka” from 2012. I was really impressed by Palmy’s show because she is so versatile and she reminded me of 1960s singer-songwriter legend Carol King.

Singer Palmy, Eve Pancharoen*

Singer Palmy, Eve Pancharoen*

On the one side, Palmy is very funny, cute and also very 60s and flower-power-like but on the other side she can also be melancholic, dark and rocking. I find that it’s this mixture that makes her performances so unique and multifaceted.

Thai Singer Palmy

Palmy (Thai: ปาล์มมี่) started her career with the self-titled solo debut album ‘Palmy’ in 2001. A year before, she signed the contract with GMM Grammy. Her first hit was called ‘Yak Rong Dang Dang’.

Since then she has released some more albums and concert DVDs. In fact, we may say that she has explored a variety of popular music styles on each of her solo albums. In addition, she has collaborated with the Thai reggae band T-Bone in order to create experimental versions of her greatest and most popular songs. There are some examples of her experimental music, hence for instance the Flower Power Concert and The Acoustic Album.

Palmy still performs live with T-Bone and she is also frequently a guest vocalist at music festivals (e.g. the Big Mountain Music Festival) and other concerts. For instance, Palmy also performed with Thai ‘Royal Rocker’ Hugo and featured his popular song ‘Disappear in one of her concerts. Even though she has also performed in Australia and the UK, she is more popular in Asian countries, particularly in Thailand.

Thai singer Palmy*

Thai singer Palmy*

In fact, Palmy has featured numerous great songs with other internationally acclaimed musicians like the Thai singer Singto Numchok and the Norwegian artist Erlend Øye. Hence, she not only sings in Thai but also in English like for instance in this charming song ‘Crush’ featuring the latter artist.

I’d like to show you  how versatile Palmy’s music is. Here is a very rocking, well, even 60s Rock ‘n Roll like song called ‘Shy Boy’ from her 4th album.

Or a more melancholic side of her, here is the song “Stay”. What is more, she also sang ‘I want to stop the time’ for the popular Thai ghost movie ‘Phi Mak Phra Khanong’.

In a nutshell, we might be justified in saying that Palmy is very true to herself when making music. She loves to combine different music styles in order to make them her own. In an interview with Monruedee Jansuttipan from ‘The Insider’s Guide to Bangkok’, she said that it’s the most important thing to “do your job with a conscientious attitude. If you do well, no matter what others say, you can be proud of yourself”.

Eve Pancharoen, Thai-Belgian singer*

Eve Pancharoen, Thai-Belgian singer*

Well, this can be considered Thai singer Palmy’s motto and that is in fact what she has done with her music 🙂 In addition, she can be regarded as a very famous Thai celebrity of mixed origin. In short, Palmy rocks 😉

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Palmy, FB page