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Thai floral garland made from hair (photo: theloungehairsalon.com) 0

The Phuang Malai in Thai Fashion

Recently, I’ve come across some interesting and even edgy interpretations of the traditional Thai floral garland, the phuang malai, in Thai fashion. Traditionally, this kind of flower garland is used for ceremonial and auspicious...

Thai garlands at Bangkok Pak Khlong Talat (photo: Deror Avi, wikimedia.org) 1

Phuang Malai: Thai Floral Garlands

One of the most beautiful and artful things in Thailand is the Phuang Malai (พวงมาลัย). This is the Thai traditional garland which is the most common of all the country’s floral creations. These traditional...

Rotsaniyom designer 'Gift' wearing an extravagant lace dress 1

Rotsaniyom: Thai Fashion Designer

The Thai fashion label Rotsaniyom was founded by the couple Pongsak ‘Off’ Kobrattanasuk and Thita “Gift” Kamonnetsawat in 2007. Initially, this designer couple sold T-shirts at two stalls in Chatuchak Market. Rotsaniyom Since their...

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