Sretsis: Thai Fashion Designer

Stretsis fashion can be described as a fusion between a traditional and a vintage style. This top Thai designer brand was launched in 2002 by three sisters. Hence, the label already hints at this bond, ‘Stretsis’ being ‘Sisters’ spelled backward.

The Story of Stretsis

Fashion with a vintage touch (photo: Stretsis Universe, FB page)

Fashion with a vintage touch (photo: Stretsis Universe, FB page)

Pimdao Sukhahuta, the eldest of the sisters, is the head designer. She studied at Parsons School of Design in New York and opened her first store while being still a student. Pim did an internship at internationally acclaimed designer Marc Jacob and finally graduated in 2003. By this time, her fashion was already becoming renowned for its unconventional and girlish design.

The three sisters (photo credit:

The three sisters Pimdao, Klyduen and Matina Sukhahuta, the founders of Stretsis (photo:

The three sisters stayed in New York for four years. Pim is the main designer and creative director. The younger sister Klyduen is a fashion marketer promoting the brand and the youngest sister Matina creates jewellery which is run under the label ‘Matina Amanita’ jewellery collection.

Playful, vintage & dainty fashion (photo: Stretsis Universe, FB page)

Playful, vintage & dainty fashion (photo: Stretsis Universe, FB page)

Pim very much enjoys a nostalgic and vintage style in fashion. Hence, you often find pieces with unusual patterns in her collections. In fact, her designs are inspired by childhood nostalgic memories. Nevertheless, her design is innovative, flamboyant, unconventional but at the same time elegant and modern. Thus, Stretsis fuses traditional yet whimsical patterns and styles with a modern, stylish touch to create a unique, but somehow naughty style.

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Thus, she puts forward that dressing up should be a part of everyday life. She likes to work with different textures like silk, chiffon and satin. A special feature of Stretsis is that it uses Thailand’s elegant silk textiles to create an innovative Thai fashion design that should make a statement and a lasting impression.

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Stretsis’ headquarter is in Bangkok and employs around 25 seamstresses who sew many dresses by hand. For this reason, every piece of clothing becomes a piece of artwork. The brand is growing and gaining international popularity. Hence, for instance, this brand has been featured in numerous glossy magazines like Vogue, Instyle and Elle. What is more, celebrities like Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Paris Hilton have been seen wearing Stretsis garments 🙂

sretsis-4824-885331-1  sretsis-9491-165541-1  sretsis-4070-655541-1   sretsis-5010-40308-1

Summing up, we may say that Stretsis is one of the top Thai designer brands offering a unique combination of Thai traditional vintage style and sweet lingering patterns. Hence, the style is both sweet and rebellious.

Yours, Sirinya

(*All pictures in this post, photo credit: ZALORA Thailand, unless otherwise stated)

Kem Issara: Thai Fashion Designer

In 2012, KEM ISSARA womenswear was founded by talented Thai designer Karatphet Kem Issara. This top Thai designer brand continues to impress fashion observers all over the world. Kem Issara is innovative and stunning. Hence, Kem considerers herself primarily a textile technique designer.

Top Thai designer (photo credit:

Top Thai designer (photo credit:

The Story of Kem Issara

The designer behind this brand studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design in England. She began her career by interning with major brands in New York. Thus, Kem trained with some big names in the fashion industry including Jasmine Di Milo, Chloe Paris and Diane von Fürstenburg. She also earned a degree from the London College of Fashion.

Kem Issara (photo: Kemissarastudio, FB page)

Kem Issara (photo: Kemissara Studio, FB page)

She creates lovely styled tops, dresses, pants, shoes and accessories. This brand was also termed ‘Fresh Face’ fashion line in 2012. We may describe KEM ISSARA’s style as sophisticated, feminine and dainty.



However, the balance between playfulness and seriousness is perfect and the outfits are suitable for both day and night. Thus, the designer believes in creating collections that can work both for a day in the office and a night out with friends.

kemissara-5566-448241-1  kemissara-5236-958241-1  kemissara-5280-758241-1  kemissara-6100-228241-1

Her designs may be called understated. However, they are borne from strong ideas and combine modernity with a touch of vintage fashion. Thus, ISSARA’s design can also be regarded as simple but at the same time the patterns and details are amazingly beautiful and stunning. This feature contributes to the wearability of her fashion.

kemissara-5211-068241-1   Unbenannt3  Unbenannt2   kemissara-8145-638241-1

In a nutshell, Kem loves textiles and their intrinsic nature, thus her work is inspired by art, classical beauty and timeless femininity. In my view her design might be compared to that of ASAVA since their aims and mission are similar. Thus, KEM ISSARA is also among my Top 5 Thai designer brands on ZALORA 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

(*All pictures in this post, photo credit: Zalora Thailand, unless otherwise stated)

Gene Kasidit – Diva, Fashionista & Agent Provocateur

Gene Kasidit can be best described as an agent provocateur and a gender bending persona. She is well-known in Thailand as a indie music icon. In the last years, she has also established herself as a fashionista and an electro pop diva. She enjoys fancy dressing for the purposes of entertainment and self-expression. Thus, she both shocks and awes people with an unconventional style, fancy appearance and dazzling personality.

Gene Kasidit

Gene Kasidit (photo credit: Chubbychain Wongleamthong)*

Gene Kasidit (photo credit: Chubbychain Wongleamthong)*

When I first came across Gene Kasidit, I was at once reminded of David Bowie and Courtney Love. I think Gene can be described as a mixture of them both, nevertheless, she has a lot more to offer. She is very versatile and her voice is incredible too. Melancholic, lovelorn or aggressive vibes, she masters them all with flying colours.

Gene grew up singing traditional Thai music and in her teenage years, she became increasingly interested in Brit Pop. Thus, after finishing school, she backpacked around the world getting to know other cultures and improving her English language skills.

Gene Kasidit (photo credit: Natthapon Tae Wuttipetch for A DAY Magazine)*

Gene Kasidit (photo credit: Natthapon Tae Wuttipetch for A DAY Magazine)*

Hence, she also became a writer for the BK magazine while being the lead singer with Futon, the legendary multi-national electro-clash band. Gene became recognized as a singer with Futon and the band was very popular in the Thai indie music community.

Gene left Futon after receiving the opportunity to work with the music label smallroom. The first solo album ‘Affairs’ was released in 2009. This album is characterized by personal lyrics, subtle rythyms but also energetic beats. Lyrics in Thai language are also prominent in ‘Affairs’. She describes the album as being ‘about the love hate relationship with myself, love, sex, lust, friendship and the little things that keep me (in)sane and move on’ (interview with CNN).

Gene was renowed for her amazing album and related show ‘Blonde to be wild’ in 2014. The show may best be described as high energy electro pop paired with stunning costumes created by Thai designers. In fact, the show has been termed a ‘little Elle Fashion Show’.

This album can be considered the opposite to ‘Affairs’ which is rather dark and melancholic. ‘Blonde’ however, is bright and carefree. It is about having fun and being free of labels.

Summing up, we may say that Gene Kasidit is truly a versatile, fancy but also candid diva. Seeing Gene perform in videos always makes me smile because her appearance is weird and funny but at the same time it is truly sincere. Apart from singing, she is also a fashionista who likes supporting Thai designers and also enjoys shopping vintage items. As Gene says, she can be anything with good reason 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

(*photos retrieved from Gene Kasidit, FB page)