Pete Thongjure: Thai-American Actor

Pete Puntakarn Thongjure was born in January 1968 in California, USA. He is a famous half-Thai actor and model. His family moved back to Thailand when he was six years old. He is the eldest son of the famous actor and rally car driver Pinyoo Thongjure.

Pete Thongjure

Puntakarn Thongjure (photo: SaReNIE,

‘Pete’ Puntakarn Thongjure (photo: SaReNIE,

Thus, it does not come as a surprise that Pete started acting early in his childhood. What is more, his three younger siblings are also well-known in Thailand. Perhaps you’ve heard of Saifar, NamThansod and NamPoung (Honey) Thongjure.

He first did some Thai TV commericals when he was a kid and soon other opportunities arose. Thus, Pete also got into acting and appeared in his first movie when he was only seven and a half. Hence, at the age of nine he was already co-hosting the show “Pao-ying-shoob”. At the age of 11, he was a popular actor in TV series and movies. However, when he was 13, his parents sent him back to the US for his further education. Today, Pete has been in the Thai entertainment industry for over 30 years and he is still going strong.

Over 30 years in the entertainment industry: Pete Thongjure (photo:

Over 30 years in the entertainment industry: Pete Thongjure (photo:

He was in a number of popular movies and Thai TV series. His first drama was the lakorn ‘Ubattihed’ with half-Thai actress Katarina Glos.

For instance, he starred in the classic ghost story ‘Mae Nak’ (2000) on Channel 7 and he was in horror movies like ‘Bangkok Haunted’ (2001), ‘Lizard Woman’ (2004) and ‘Fan Mai’ (2010) starring alongside Thai movie star Ananda Everingham.

An interesting alternative movie produced by Pete Thongjure is ‘Province 77 Los Angeles’ (2003). He also starred in his movie which is about Thai immigrants in Los Angeles. There is a place called ‘Thai Town’ where most of these immigrants live – hence, it is also referred to the Thai 77th province. The movie draws a grim picture of a Thai family in LA whose restaurant is in danger of being confiscated for unpaid taxes. What is more, it seems hard to maintain traditional Thai values in the environment where gangs rule but finally the family unifies again. By the way, the soundtrack to the movies is by the Thai rap band Thaitanium.

Province 77 movie starring half-Thai actor Pete Thongjure (photo

Province 77 movie starring half-Thai actor Pete Thongjure (photo

Nevertheless, Pete maybe regarded as a rarity the showbusiness being an actor who is introvert and does not like to talk much about himself. He enjoys his privacy and loves quiet and peace. In his view, keeping his privacy has been vital in maintaining such a long career.

The racing driver and actor (photo: Pete Thonchua Fanclub, FB page)

The racing driver and actor (photo: Pete Thonchua Fanclub, FB page)

His proudest acting achievements are his action TV series whom Pete enjoys very much. Nevertheless, he is a passionate racing driver and loves fast cars like his father. Hence, he also has a reality show about his racing career. He loves race driving because it requires precision and concentration. Thus, racing is like meditating since the mind has be stay focussed and quiet.

Today, Pete is father of three children and a true family man. His wife is Wilailak ‘Jeng’ Tongchua. Hence, we may say that Pete Thongjure is truly a versatile actor with a long career and also a popular racing driver.

Yours, Sirinya

Janesuda: Fashion Label by Thai-American Actress Jane Parnto

Janesuda ‘Jane’ Parnto was born 1982 in Thailand to an American father and a Thai mother. She grew up in Thailand and entered the Thai entertainment industry at the age of 14. Jane was in music videos and eventually became a host, VJ at MTV Thailand and an actress. She is also a good friend of Thai-British actress Paula Taylor and the godmother of Paula’s daughter Lyla.


Janesuda - Thai fashion designer*

Janesuda – Thai fashion designer*

Jane has always dreamed of creating her own fashion line and at the age of 19 she made her first try to sell her own t-shirts. Hence, she asked a fabric factory to produce 10 tees for her which they did. Since Jane’s friends liked the shirts very much she gave them all away for free.

Thai-American actress & fashion designer Janesuda Parnto*

Thai-American actress & fashion designer Janesuda Parnto*

In 2012 her fashion label Janesuda was launched. At first, Jane only wanted to create the most comfortable and stylish t-shirt, a piece of clothing that she thinks essential in every woman’s wardrobe. Thus, she created her Signature Tee which became a great success. In her view, a tee can reflect the wearer’s personality. It is all about finding the right fit and style.

Creating the ideal comfortable T-shirt by Janesuda*

Creating the ideal comfortable t-shirt by Janesuda*

Thus encouraged, Janesuda started to create more fashion items and essentials like the Signature Tank (Top) and the Signature Dress. These pieces have in common that they are formfitting, timeless and made from premium cotton.

A Signature Tank Top by Janesuda Parnto*

A Signature Tank Top by Janesuda Parnto*

What is more, Janesuada has also been producing thematic seasonal lines, ranging from casual sundresses to formal evening gowns. Her aim is to create timeless and meaningful fashion that lets the wearer’s personality shine through. Hence, Janesuda is not about following trends 🙂


Her latest collection, AW 2015, is called ‘Make Your Romance’. Personally, I really like this collection because it is very boho, chic, elegant, feminine but also dainty. In fact, it is also romantic and unconventional. There are a lot of flowing dresses and lace tops. Let us dwell on some more of Jane’s creations for ‘Make Your Romance’.



Finally, we can say that Janesuda prefers the imperfect look which she thinks fascinating and creating a lasting impression. Hence, her fashion design is extraordinary, elegant and wearable. I think that she offers something for everyone’s taste whether casual tees or elegant dresses.

Yours, Sirinya

(*All pictures in this post are from Janesuda, FB page unless otherwise stated)

Jay Montonn Jira: Thai-American Singer & Actor

Jay Montonn Jira is a Thai-American singer and actor. In fact, he is also called a show business ‘allrounder’ with good reason. Born in November 1981 in Hong Kong, he returned to Thailand as a kid with his family and went to school there until grade 11. Then he moved to California to complete high school.

Jay Montonn Jira

Thai-American singer & actor Jay Montonn Jira*

Thai-American singer & actor Jay Montonn Jira*

However, in his youth, he already won a talent competition at the age of ten. Since then he has been working in the Thai entertainment industry. By the age of 13, Jay was also doing some modelling and a few years later when he was 17, he was a lead actor in Thai TV series and movies.

However, Jay sees himself primarily as a musician and has been pursuing his musical career for some years now. He recorded his first album after completing high school and returning to Thailand. The album is called ‘J’.

What is more, he is also a DJ, arranger, composer and producer. Nevertheless, Jay acted in a number of Lakorns where he played both good and bad guys. For instance, he was in the drama ‘Sai Tarn Hua Jai’ with Ae Isariya Saisanan on Channel 7.

Montonn Jira*

Jay Montonn Jira*

Another drama Jay was in is ‘Look Poo Chai Hua Jai Petch’ starring alongside singer Hugo Chakrabongse Levy and Namfon Kullanat. In addition, Jay starred in the Thai movie ‘Pop Star’ (2006). As far as films are concerned, Jay has also written movie scores. For instance, he was an assitant editor for the ‘Lion King’.

In fact, he studied music composition and electronic music production in the US. In 2007 he was the musical director and programmer for Neptune. Thus, he toured around the world performing with international stars like Jusitin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado. This was also when he performed at ‘Live Earth’, a gigantic concert event in New Jersey.

Jay Montonn Jira*

Jay Montonn Jira*

However, he has also worked with Thai artists like Modern Dog, Siam Secret Service and The Crub, for instance. Today, he has his own music label called ‘Samut Prakarn Sound’. Most recently, he is performing with Hanna L. Bengtsson producing charming and beautiful songs like ‘The Way’ and ‘Be True’.

Finally, we may say that Jay Montonn Jira is an international half-Thai artist. Even though he is a great actor, he sees himself primarily as a musician with good reason and sings both in English and in Thai.

Yours, Sirinya

Paula Taylor: Thai-British Actress

Paula Taylor is a popular half-Thai actress, model and presenter born in January 1983. Her real name is Punlapa Margaret Taylor but in the entertainment industry she is known as ‘Paula Taylor’. Her father is of British descent and her mother is Thai-Chinese.

Paula Taylor

Paula Taylor, Thai-British actress*

Paula Taylor, Thai-British actress*

She was born in Bangkok but then her family moved back to Australia where she grew up in Perth until the age of nine. Eventually her parents divorced and thus Paula moved to Brisbane. She is very comfortable and happy with being a luk kreung because she claims to have had the best of both worlds.

In her teens, Paula went to visit her family in Thailand. That was when she got into contact with the Thai entertainment industry. At the beginning of her career, she did some modelling, appeared in TV commercials and acted in small Thai movies.

Paula Taylor*

Paula Taylor: Thai-British actress, model and presenter*

After being discovered by TV producer Tanawat Wansom and becoming a media personality, she also starred in the Thai romance comedy film ‘Ruk Jung’ The Memory (2006) in the role of Jaa. Thus, she became well-known not only as a TV hostess but also as an actress.

Hence, in 2011 Paula had her Hollywood debut in the Thai-American supernatural thriller ‘Hellgate’. She had the role of Som Mathews starring next to William Hurt and Cary Elwes. What is more, she was also in a number of music videos like for instance ‘Mark mai’ by Bie the Star.

Before this Hollywood movie, she participated in ‘The Amazing Race Asia 2’ thus gaining more popularity in other Southeast Asian countries. Thus, for instance she has also appeared on the Philippine TV Sunday variety show. In addition, today she also produces videos giving some make up tips for a daily look, for example.

Paula lives in Thailand now and still does Thai TV commercials and television guest appearances. In 2010 she got married to Edward Buttery who is of Anglo-Chinese descent. She has two children, a daughter born in 2011 named Lyla Jane Buttery and a son called Luca Christopher Buttery born in 2015.

Paula Taylor and her daugther Lyla Jane*

Paula Taylor and her daugther Lyla Jane*

Hence, Paula has also done a few videos with her daughter. Like this charming video, where she prepares cupcakes with the little ones. It really seems fun and Paula is enjoying herself in the role of a mother. What is more, today she also runs a clothing line for children called ‘Paula and Baby’.

Finally, I think that Paula Taylor is an admirable, successful half-Thai actress who is also a devoted mother. What more could one want? 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

(*all photos in this post, credit: Paula Taylor FB page)

Nadech Kugimiya: Thai-Austrian Actor

For some years now, half-Thai actor and model Nadech Kugimiya has been a popular face in Thai media and the entertainment industry. Hence, he is famous on Channel 3. I think there is hardly any Thai teenager who does not know him. As a devoted reader of my blog, you may know that I have dealt with him shortly in my article about Nadech & Yaya. Nonetheless, there is of course a lot more to say about him seen individually 🙂

Nadech Kugimiya

Nadech (photo credit: Nadech Kugimiya FC, FB page)

Nadech (photo credit: Nadech Kugimiya FC, FB page)

Nadech, nicknamed Barry, was born 1991 in Khonkaen and his original name was Chonlathit Yodprathum. He is considered to be of Thai-Chinese and Austrian descent. At the beginning of his career there was some confusion about his origins and background because people generally assumed that he must be part-Japanese because of his last name ‘Kugimiya’. What is more, he also has the appearance of a Japanese manga character with his light complexion, thick eyebrows and doe eyes 🙂

However, Barry was brought up by his aunt Sundarat and her husband, the Japanese Yoshio Kugimiya. Nadech adores his Japanese foster father and this is the reason why he himself claims to be half-Japanese, even though he is not. However, Nadech does not know Japanese but speaks fluently in Thai and Isan dialect.

Barry (photo credit:

‘Barry’ Nadech Kugimiya (photo credit:

Barry was discovered at the age of 16 and has been working as a model, actor and singer since then. Up until today, he has been in numerous Thai commercials and on magazine covers. For example, he was in commercials like Trident chewing gum with actress Pachrapa Chaichua, Shokubutsu shower cream for Men, Samsung Monte 3G, Yamaha Fino, Baoji shoes and Lays with Thai-Norwegian actress ‘Yaya’ Urassaya Sperbund.

What is more, he was the first brand ambassador and brand presenter for Thai Air Asia. He was also a surprise guest flight attendant serving snacks to the delighted passengers in 2014 🙂

Nevertheless, Barry is not only a ‘pretty face’ – he has been studying Communication Arts at Rangsit University. Hence, most recently he has presented his short film ‘Mr. Peter’s Project’ which is a work to complete his B.A. at Rangsit. The film is concerned with the Nan’s forest conservation. Hence, Barry’s aim is to raise an awareness of deforestation. Here is the film, though only available in Thai.

Nadech has been in numerous TV series and films since 2010 when he debuted in Ngaorak Luangjai.  Furthermore, he gained  popularity with his work in the series 4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao (Duang Jai Akkanee or Akkanee’s Heart). He played the character of Fai Akkanee Adisuan starring alongside Urassaya Sperbund.

Nadech & Yaya in Akkannee's Heart (photo credit:

Nadech & Yaya in Akkanee’s Heart (photo credit:

What is more, he was in Gamerai Gamerak or Love Game Evil Game as “Saichon/Charles Makovich” and in The Rising Sun series also starring alongside Yaya Urassaya. He had a very popular role in Sunset at Chaophraya (Khu Kam, 2013) playing the Japanese engineering officer Kobori who falls in love with a nationalistic Thai beauty called Angsumalin. He also sang the song to this movie.

Hence, it does not come as a surprise that he also won Best Actor from Starpics Thai Film Award for his role of Kobori in Sunset at Chaophraya. This is really well-deserved!

Finally, we may say that Nadech Kugimiya is certainly one of the hottest luk kreung actors in Thailand at the moment. With good reason, he can be called Mr. Everywhere because he is frequently spotted on magazine covers, in television commercials, billboards and soap operas. You cannot escape Barry, thus you must love him 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

Kimberly Ann Voltemas – Thai-German Actress

Kimberly Ann Tiamsiri Voltemas, born in 1992, is a popular half-Thai actress and model. She has a Thai mother who is from Chiang Mai and a German father. She is the youngest of four siblings, her sister is called Jennifer and her brothers are Thomas and Daniel. She is nicknamed Kimmy Kimberly which is also her stage name.

Kimmy Kimberly

Kimberly Ann Voltemas*

Kimberly Ann Voltemas*

Kimberly entered the Thai entertainment industry as a teenager in 2009. At first, she did some modelling and was featured in several music videos. As an actress, she debuted in Channel 3’s most popular TV series called ‘4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao’ (4 Hearts of the Mountains).

Kimmy Kimberly*

Kimmy Kimberly*

This TV series was aired in 2010 and Kim played the role of Nam or Thipthara who is a warmhearted and compassionate doctor. In this movie, she acted alongside other well-known young luk kreung actors like Nadech Kugimiya and Urassaya Sperbund.

Acting in the role of Nam is this series has gained Kim many fans in Thailand and all over Asia. In addition, she has been constantly improving her acting skills, thus becoming an accomplished actress. Kim’s manager is Noom Piyachart and together they have succeeded in establishing her a fine reputation in the entertainment business.

In 2012, Kim acted alongside Prin ‘Mark’ Suparat in the roles as Cha-Aim and Khun Tam in the remake of Punya Chon Kon Krua 2012. Hence, both actors became very popular as an onscreen couple (‘koo jin’). Since then they have frequently been paired in series and modelling 🙂

In fact, Kim has been much praised by her fellow actors. Hence, she may be regarded as a young actress in high demand. Even acclaimed actress Ann Thongprasom thinks highly of Kimberly and her talents. Ann is of the opinion that Kim might one day replace her as a princess of Thai entertainment. Furthermore, she finds that Kim very much resembles herself and thus can even identify with her. Consequently, Ann also holds the view that Kim might reach same level of success as herself. Great compliment! 🙂

Hence, Kim has already starred in the series ‘Ab Ruk Online’ in which actress Ann Thongprasom is also in. Further, this TV series features her partner Prin ‘Mark’ Suparat and acclaimed actor Peter Corp Dyrendal. In fact, up until now Kim is the first and only younger generation actress who has been in three out of five lakorns produced by Ann Thongprasom. These are ‘Punya Chon Kon Krua 2012’, ‘Ab Ruk Online’ and ‘Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised’.

Furthermore, Kim has been the cover-girl of several magazines and has also featured in a lot of TV commercials like this one for United Almond, for instance.

Summing up, we may claim that Kimmy Kimberly is one of the most aspiring and promising actresses of the younger generation in Thai entertainment industry. She is not only popular with her fans but also with her fellow actors 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

(*photo credit: Kimmy Kimberly, Official FB page)

Peter Corp Dyrendal – Thai-Danish Singer, Model & Actor

Peter Corp Dyrendal was born on 1.January 1976 in Ishøj, Denmark where he was raised. Being half-Thai, he often went to Thailand as a kid where he would stay with his aunt in Bangkok. He went there almost every year during vacations. When Peter was 17 years old, his aunt pushed him to go for a camera test with a modeling agency. The following year, Peter was back in Bangkok and did some modelling jobs which were at that time mostly for fun.

Peter Corp Dyrendal

Peter Corp Dyrendal (photo credit: Peter Corp FB page)

Peter Corp Dyrendal*

However, when he was 19 he got a promising offer by a Thai advertising agency. On this occasion, he was also discovered as a singer and an artist: Peter was on a modelling job on a beach in Thailand playing the guitar. That was when one of the team members became aware of Peter’s potential as a musician. Hence, he was invited to the Thai record company GMM Grammy for a test.

Thus, Peter was encouraged to try a career as a singer and began taking sinning lessons. A few months later, he signed his contract with GMM Grammy and his debut album ‘Hin Pha Ga Darb’ (1998) became a great success and made him a famous ‘luk kreung’ singer in Thailand. However, the following albums were not so successful. For this reason, he went behind the scenes and worked for the production company Nebula.

Peter also went into acting in Thai TV series (Lakorn). Up until now he starred in five TV dramas. For instance, in 2002 he acted alongside Marsha Vadhanapanich in ‘Sai Lom Kub Saeng Dao’ (Wind and Starlight). In this drama, he played the role of a water sport instructor of Thai-New Zealand descent. I think the following clip is from this film 🙂

In 2012 he was in ‘Noom Baan Rai Khub Whan Jai Hiso’ (Farmer boy and High-society sweetheart) with Thai-British actress Araya A. Hargate. What is more, he also starred in the 2011 Thai movie Fabulous 30.

Lovely picture of Peter with his cat (photo credit: Peter Corp, FB page)

Lovely picture of Peter with his cat*

There is also the drama ‘Narng Rai Sai Lub’ (Villain’s spy) with Rasri Balenciaga and finally ‘Ab Ruk Online’ (Secret love online) with the renowned Thai-Swedish actress Ann Thongprasom. Here is a song from the latter drama ‘Ab Ruk Online’ featuring Peter.

Today, Peter is still an actor and married to Ployphan Taweerat since 2013. They have a little son called Panther, his name is thus a mix of the parent’s names. A next son is expected soon who should be called Puma. Hence, it seems that Peter and his wife keep the ‘P’s and stick to the feline theme as well 😉

Peter, Ploy & son Panther (photo credit:

Peter, Ploy & son Panther (photo credit:

By the way, Peter is the older brother of Michael Corp Dyrendal who is an entrepreneur and who also has experience in the Thai entertainment industry.

Summing up, we may say that even though Peter Corp Dyrendal has been working for about 20 years in the entertainment business, he is still going strong and we are curious to know what he will come up with next.

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Peter Corp FB page

Michael Corp Dyrendal – Thai-Danish Entrepreneur & Model

Michael Corp Dyrendal was born on 21.December 1977 to a Thai mother and a Danish father. He is the younger brother of the well-known half-Thai singer, actor and model Peter Corp Dyrendal. Michael grew up in Denmark. After graduating from High School, he followed his brother to Thailand who already was there in the modelling business at that time.

Michael Corp Dyrendal

Michael Corp Dyrendal

Michael Corp Dyrendal*

Thus, Michael figured out what he would like to do and stayed on in Bangkok where he went to ABAC (Assumption University), doing his Bachelor and graduating with honours after three and a half years of studying. Afterwards he went to the UK taking his Master’s degree in European Business in Oxford. Back in Thailand, he took his second Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Michael also has experience in the modelling and the entertainment industry. Hence, he has been in more than 20 Thai TV commercials up until today. The following clip, for instance, features him in TV Commercial Beger Photo Clean  🙂

What is more, he was also in four music videos and starred in the Lakorn ‘Jao Sao Salawan’ (เจ้าสาวสาละวัน), a Thai TV series on Channel 7. Well, this is a long time ago, but still very charming to watch. Here is a song from the series featuring Michael.

Today, Michael is the co-owner and Managing Director of DEFINE Living by KroellCorp, a Bangkok based world class Design, Architecture and Construction company. He runs this business with Asbjoern Kroell who is the CEO, Design and Concept Director of the company. Asbjoern is the more creative, whereas Michael is concerned with the business side.

DEFINE Living (photo credit:

DEFINE Living (photo credit:

In addition, Michael works for Mintel which is the world’s leading market intelligence agency. In fact, he is the Country Manager of Thailand for Mintel. Hence, Michael does two jobs now, has been living in Thailand for 18 years and feel at home over there 🙂

Michael at work in the business

Michael at work in the business*

What is more, he has recently participated in the ‘Dress the Stars Project’ by the Accademia Italiana Fashion and Design Institute in Thailand. This is a great project since it gives undiscovered talents the opportunity to design new outfits for ten celebrities each famous and renowned for their unique sense of style.

Michael wearing traditional Thai men's dress

Michael wearing traditional Thai men’s dress*

Summing up, we may say that Michael Corp Dyrendal is a versatile entrepreneur who has a profound cultural knowledge from both a Western and an Asian perspective. Whether it be in business or the entertainment industry, he always cuts quite a figure and has also been a Buddhist monk for two weeks in the jungle which was a great experience for him 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

*(photo credit: Michael Corp Dyrendal, FB page)


Mai Davika Hoorne: Thai-Belgian Actress

Davika Hoorne is a young half-Thai actress and model popular in Thailand. Born 1992 to a Thai mother and a Belgian father in Thailand, her nickname is ‘Mai’. Thus, she is often referred to as ‘Mai Davika’. She was discovered as a model early in her teens at the age of 14. Later she was educated in Communication Arts at Rangsit University.

 Mai Davika Hoorne

Davika Hoorne (photo credit:

Davika Hoorne (photo credit:

In 2010 she debuted in the drama series Ngao Kammathep in the role of Tien. In addition, she starred in a number of other Thai TV drama series like Neur Manoot (2011), Maya Rasamee (2012), Roy Lae Sanae Luang (2013), Kularb Rai Kong Naai Tawan (2015) and most recently as Rinlanee in Nang Chada (2015). In Nang Chada, Mai also engages in some classical Thai dancing, wearing the beautiful and opulent Khon dancing dress.

Mai Davika has also done a lot of modelling for brands like Ponds, Nikon, ZA and more. In addition, she has appeared as cover girl on numerous magazines like for instance herworld. She was recently the cover model of this magazine in February 2015. Here is a video clip of this shooting from behind the scenes.

Mai has also been engaged in some popular Thai movies. For example, in 2012 she debuted in the film Bpidtu Poom Prom Dan Haeng Ruk. A year later in 2013, she became famous as an actress in Phi Mak Phra Khanong in the role of Mae Nak, the wife of Phi Mak (Mario Maurer).

Lovely Mai Davika Hoorne as Mae Nak (photo credit:

Lovely Mai Davika as Mae Nak (photo credit:

In fact, Mai and Mario are a nice film couple and hence, they have also been paired in photo shootings and commercials.

In 2014 Davika starred as Riam in the Thai romance-drama Plae Kao (The Scar), a remake of the same-titled film from 1977. This is the story of two peasants in rural Thailand engaged in a tragic, romantic relationship.

Today, Davika is a well-known young lady in the Thai modelling and television industry. Nevertheless, she seems to be still the nice girl next door, natural and very lovely.

Finally, we may say that Davika Hoorne is an amazing young luk kreung actress and model. What is more, she has got the look to become extremely successful in Thai entertainment industry with her fair skin, tall statue and large eyes 🙂

Misstar Cafe (photo credit: Misstarbydavika, FB page)

Misstar Cafe (photo credit: Misstarbydavika, FB page)

Additionally, she has recently founded ‘Misstar by Davika’ and promoted the Misstar Café.

Yours, Sirinya

Why are ‘Luk kreung’ successful in Thai Media? Half-Asian Advantages…?

“The signs of beauty are the signs of health” (R. Elisabeth Cornwell, psychologist)

The topic I want to address today concerns the increasing success and dominance of ‘luk kreung’, half-Thai people, in Thai entertainment industry since the 1990s. I’ve already brought up this subject in my recent article about ‘Luk kreung’ and concepts of mixed race in Thailand arguing that half-Thais are preferred because of their Western appearance and adherence to the current Thai beauty ideal of fair skin, tall statue and large eyes.

This seems to be a lucid but also a superficial explanation. However, I’ve asked myself if there might also be a scientific interpretation for this phenomenon? Are we maybe justified in saying that half-Asian people possess genetic advantages? I know this sounds controversial but might not there be some truth in it?

Mario and Mai Davika on Volume magazine 180 VOLUME WONDER 9 Cr. Volume Magazine

Half-Asian advantages? Mario Maurer and Mai Davika in Volume magazine 180 VOLUME WONDER 9 (Credit: Volume Magazine)

Taking the example of the lovely ‘couple’ Nadech and Yaya, they have their good looks in common and they are both half-Thai. The same is true of half-Thai actors Mario and Mai Davika whom we know from the comedy ghost movie ‘Phi Mak Phra Khanong’. There are numerous other examples that show ‘luk kreung’ have become a kind of ‘elite’ in Thai entertainment industry. An interesting case is also the luk-kreung actress Florence Faivre in the movie ‘The Siam Renaissance’ (2004). What’s more, Thai youth culture also seems to have incorporated and favoured the presence of half-Thai entertainers in Thai media. Thus, some years ago, the Thai-British actress Paula Taylor said that ‘everyone in the entertainment industry is luk kreung nowadays’ and she seems to be right.

Nadech & Yaya (photo credit Amat Nimitpark via

Do ‘luk kreung’ have advantages? Nadech Kugimiya & Yaya Urassaya (photo credit: Amat Nimitpark via

Half-Asian advantages

In popular culture, people with mixed racial origins are generally referred to as ‘hapa’ which stems from the Hawaiian Pidgin word for “part” or “mixed”.

As far as ‘luk kreung’ are concerned, there are so many popular half-Thai people in Thai media today. Hence, it only seems natural if society would also go for and embrace a mixed look. Nonetheless, media exposure alone does not completely explain the perception of half-Asian, and in particular half-Thai beauty in this context.

We may assume that half-Asian people possess genetic advantages that let them appear more attractive. For instance, as Psychology Today (1/2006) claims it is a fact that Eurasian faces are generally considered to be more appealing and pleasant than European or Asian faces. One reason for this perception is that Eurasians and other ‘hapa’ people seem to be of good genetic health which makes them attractive. Like R. Elisabeth Cornwell, a psychologist at the University of Colorado, argues: “The signs of beauty are the signs of health”.

Markers of beauty = Markers of health? (photo credit:

Markers of beauty = Markers of health? (photo credit:

Consequently, we must assume that people who are beautiful must necessarily be more productive and more fit for survival than others…this is a controversial topic, I know and what is beauty anyway? We may define ‘beauty’ as a matter of symmetry concerning features and body statue. What is more, it is also a matter of subjective perception, preference and culture…

In fact, studies have shown that half-Asians seem healthier because of their diverse genetic ancestry which generally lower the chances of particular genetic diseases. Some studies in this field have also revealed that the perception of attractiveness is mainly connected to the appearance of a person’s skin. I’m aware of the fact that this subject is disputable but on the whole I guess the argumentation is right and plausible – diverse genetic ancestry seems to be beneficial to a person’s health 🙂

Nevertheless, it remains controversial if Eurasian features are generally the most attractive. There are also studies that claim the opposite. Well, I think this is primarily a matter of subjective and cultural perception. Considering the case of successful ‘luk kreung’ in Thai media, I think it might be their mix of being at home in different cultures that makes them particularly interesting and desirable.

Hugo Chakrabongse - example of a distinctively mixed heritage (

Hugo Chakrabongse Levy – example of a distinctively mixed heritage (

A very prominent example of a distinctively mixed heritage with Thai royal origins is Hugo Chakrabongse Levy whose grandfather Prince Chula Chakrabongse (1908-1963) was already a half-Thai. Hugo can be considered a good example of a person who seems to be both comfortable with Thai and Western culture even though he is only 1/8 of Thai origin (amazing!).

In a nutshell, we may certainly be justified in saying that there are half-Asian advantages, considering the fact that people of mixed heritage come inevitably into contact with different cultures generally. Nonetheless, this topic is broad and there remains a lot more to say about advantages and disadvantages that hapa people generally face in different contexts and cultures…this may be a subject for further posts concerning ‘luk kreung’ 🙂

Yours, Sirinya