SIN: Thai ’Song Painter’

Tossaporn Achawanuntakul was born on 1st October 1985. His nickname is Sin and he was a singer-songwriter of the well-known band Singular. This band was originally a duo with singer Sin and guitarist Chotiwut ‘Nut’ Boonyasit as its members.

Sin Singular

Thai singer 'Sin' Tossaporn Achawanuntakul (photo: SIN FB page)

Thai singer ‘Sin’ Tossaporn Achawanuntakul (photo: SIN FB page)

Singular was active in the years 2010 to 2013 and its genre may be described as pop, jazz and acoustic. What is more, the band’s style has also been compared to Metro-Acoustic style.

Singular became popular with its first two singles called ‘24/7’ and ‘Bao Bao’. After the band split up in 2013, Sin has pursued his solo career. Thus, last year he introduced his self-written song ‘Goodbye’ which is also his first solo single. This song brings out Sin’s gentle voice which is underlined by violin sounds.

Previously, Sin has also performed with various artists like Thai singer Lula. Thus for instance, they sang a duet called ‘Possible’ (Mai Mee Arai Tee Pen Pai Mai Dai).

What is more, he also sang the title song of the Lakorn Lom Son Rak (The Wind Hides Love) starring popular half-Thai actor Nadech Kugimiya. Producer Nueng Narongvit chose Sin to sing this song because he found his voice that is ‘Gentle like the wind’ fitted the drama perfectly. This song was awarded the most popular song at the EFM Awards.

Sin started singing at the Bangkok Opera choir when he was in junior high school. Thus, he discoved his love for performing taking his time to figure out what his favourite musical styles are. He gets his inspiration mostly from books, reading but also from watching movies and TV.

Sin Singular (photo:

Sin Singular (photo:

Finally, Sin’s secret to entertaining people as a solo artist is to simply be oneself and to have fun. Thus, today he is elaborating on his solo career and calls himself ‘A Song Painter’ which is also the title of his new Live Showcase.

Yours, Sirinya

Ice Sarunyu: The Prince of Smiles

Saranyu Winaipanit is a talented young singer who was born in September 1984 in Chainat, Thailand. He is also an actor, DJ and model. His love for entertaining has brought him the nickname ‘The Prince of Smiles’ and of course, he is known as Ice Sarunyu.

Ice Sarunyu - The Prince of Smiles*

Ice Sarunyu – The Prince of Smiles*

The Story of Ice Sarunyu

His parents are Thai teachers and when Ice was young, he was kind of an academic kid indulging in his studies. However, he has always loved to entertain people. Hence, at school he engaged in activities like being a reporter, presenter or announcer. In school he liked social studies and history in particular.

Ice has also always loved movies and became interested in acting, thus taking the role of other characters and understanding their intentions. Hence, he has been in some Thai lakorns and movies. For instance, he was in the movie Superstar Stawberry: Movie on TV (2010) and in the TV dramas Duay Rang Hang Ruk (CH 7 2006) and Gong Jak Lai Dok Bua (CH 3 2007).

By the way, if he could chose one actor or actress to work with it would be Thai-Swedish actress and princess of Thai entertainment Ann Thongprasom. Ice himself studied at Sinakarinwirot University, Faculty of fine arts and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Acting and Directing.

Ice Sarunyu*

Ice Sarunyu Winaipanit *

In 2003 he won a competition at the first stage project show and that is how he got into the music business. He performed with many different Thai singers like Palitchoke Ayanaphutra (Peck) and Pongsak Rattanaphong (Aof). They have released an album called ‘Together’ and were in the ‘We R One’ Concert (2008).

Thai singer Ice Sarunyu*

Thai singer Ice Sarunyu*

Ice sees himself primarily as a singer. He loves to sing in every mood and in every situation of his life if happy or sad. However, ‘professionally’ his songs are mostly feel-good pop music. Thus, in 2006 his debut album called ‘ICE’ was released along with the single “Kon Jai Ngai” under the label Thai GMM Grammy.

What is more, he released a Japanese version of the song named “Koi Nanja Nai”. In 2007, his second album ‘Party on Ice’ followed and in 2008 ‘ICE Kool Hits’ were released. This album comprises all songs from his two previous albums. Afterwards, Ice also toured through the USA where he performed in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. Hence, his most recent albums are ‘ICE Festa’ (2010) and Rak Kan Na (รักกันนะ) (2012).

Finally, we may say that Ice Sarunyu is a young man of many talents and and amazing singer. Charmingly, he also likes collecting everything that has to do with the Thai buffalo (Kwaai). He thinks that the buffalo is a beautiful and sweet animal.

Yours, Sirinya

(*all pictures in this post, credit: Ice Sarunyu FB page)

Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong: Thai Singer & Actor

Pongsak Rattanaphong was born in March 1985 in Chiang Mai to Thai-Chinese parents. He is a popular Thai singer in the genres pop and R&B. Additionally, he is also an actor. His stage name and nickname is Aof. Today, he is under contract to GMM Grammy and GMM A.

Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong

Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong*

Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong*

Aof gained much of his popularity through the first season of the Thai reality show and singing contest True Academy Fantasia.  He won the contest in 2005. Since then he has acquired a decade of singing experience, becoming a masterful ballad singer. Thus, in 2010 he was awarded the best male singer at the Season Awards.

His songs are mostly very emotional and sensitive and Aof is known for his soft and smooth voice. He once said in an interview that it is his aim to make the audience feel emotional and experience what he is singing about. Thus, he sings with great passion, energy and fervour 🙂

In 2009, he had his debute in his musical, Lom Haichai, the Musical (The Breath). This musical is based on the songbook of Boyd Kosiyabong who is a renowned Thai singer-songwriter. Apart from singing, Aof has been acting in a few dramas and a movie. Hence, he was in the film Ghost Game (2006) and in the dramas Thee Trakoon Song (Ch. 2006), Artitan Ruk (Ch. 5 2008) and Plerng Torranong (Ch. 3 2011).

Predominantly, the songs in his albums express deep feelings and different emotions. Hence, the album ‘Illusion of love’ is a case in point. It features songs like “Khong Tai (Doormat),” “Rueng Jing Ying Kwa Niyai (Reality Is More Dramatic than a Novel)” and “Kwam Jeb Young Kong Hai Jai (Pain Hasn’t Gone Away Yet).”

Thai Singer: Aof Pongsak*

Thai Singer: Aof Pongsak*

Aof is openly gay. Thus, he came out in April 2013, after some years of speculation but he guessed that his fans already knew anyway. Hence, gay relationships are also a subject of his songs. For instance, “Rueng Jing Ying Kwa Niyai (Reality Is More Dramatic than a Novel)” is about the breaking up of a homosexual relationship.

Most of the songs have subtitles in Chinese, Japanese and English. In fact, Aof also has many fans from China and other Asian countries since his previous hit “Tang Khang Lang Taloo Tueng Huajai (Stabbing in the Back and Through the Heart)” was released in Chinese language for the soundtrack of a Taiwanese TV drama “Love 18” starring Thai-French singer and actor Chin Chinawut as Joshua.

Summing up, we may say that after releasing several albums, Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong is renowned in the Thai entertainment industry. However, he remains laid-back and modest. Thus, he does not expect to be famous but is content if there are producers who are happy to work with him 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Aof Pongsak Rattanaphong, FB page

‘Lula’ Kanyarat Tiyapornchai: Thai Singer

Kanyarat Tiyapornchai, better known as Lula, is a popular Thai singer. Her genre is mainly bossa nova and pop. Hence, her music ranges from sweet ballads to sunny and cheerful pop songs. What is more, she also plays the ukulele to accompany some of her songs. She is versatile, likes Brazilian music and also played some Thai indie music at the beginning of her career.

Thai Singer Lula


Lula (ลุลา), Kanyarat Tiyapornchai*

Here is one of her early bossa nova inspired songs. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that Lula is known as Thai bossa nova queen 🙂

However, she also likes electro pop music and this is also reflected in her latest single called ‘Not too far’ (Hang mai klai). In fact, Lula grew up with this kind of music and she even calls electro pop her musical origin 🙂

In the 1990s, she enjoyed listening to alternative and electronic music. Her favourite bands in this genre are Kidnappers and Siam Secret Service.

Lula's new electropop look*

Lula’s new electro pop look, preferring the colours black & white*

Before turing to making music, Lula studied in Australia at the Swinburne University of Technology. Her early songs are mainly bossa nova rhythms paired with feel-good pop music. A few examples of her hits are “Took Ka Ta Na Rod (Girl in the Front Seat),” “Wae La Mai Chauy A Rai (Time Can’t Cure)”, “Mong Dai Tae Ya Chob (You Can Look, But Don’t Flirt) and “Khrai Khon Neung”.

In addition, she has collaborated with other popular Thai musicians and bands like Jetset’er, Soul After Six and Calories Blah Blah. Futher, she sang duets with legendary Bird McIntyre and Sin Singular, for instance.

Thus, she also worked on soundtracks for Thai TV series and generally, she very much appreciates film music. For instance, she favours the soundtrack of ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ at the moment.

Thai singer Lula*

Thai singer Lula*

Her newest song may be regarded as being different from her former musical style. However, even though it has some electronic rhythms, it is still very much influenced by pop music. Up until now, she has released three albums and a forth is supposed to be upcoming soon.

Lula's new electropop look*

Lula’s new electro pop look*

In fact, she has sung so many beautiful duets with other Thai artists like this one from a lakorn with Pijika who is also a Thai singer I very much like.

Finally, we may observe that Thai singer Lula has changed her style from a dainty, feminine look to a more simple yet sophisticated look preferring the colours black and white. Her musical style ranges from bossa nova to electro pop. Nevertheless, she always remains true to herself 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

Reference: Lula goes electro by Tatat Bunnag (Student Weekly)

*photo credit: Lula, FB page lulaandlulis

‘Yaya’ Urassaya Sperbund: Thai-Norwegian Actress

If you are into Thai popular culture, you certainly know the lovely Thai-Norwegian actress and model ‘Yaya’ Urassaya Sperbund. I have dealt with her shortly in my post about ‘Nadech & Yaya’ because they are the most favourite and desirable couple in Thai media today. However, there is a lot more to say about the young actress seen individually 🙂

Yaya Urassaya (photo credit: Lostinheaven,

Yaya Urassaya (photo credit: Lostinheaven,

Yaya Urassaya – Her Story

Yaya (ญาญ่า) was born in 1993 to a Thai mother and a Norwegian father in Pattaya. She was discovered as a model at the age of 14 but when she was younger, she claimed to have been like the ugly duckling. Thus, for some years she had to wear braces but that is in the past. Today, she is a gorgeous and amazing actress famous in Thailand.

Yaya (photo credit:

Yaya (photo credit:

Even though she grew up in Thailand, she could not speak much of Thai language in her younger years because she went to an International School, had predominantly American friends and at home she would talk English to her father. Later when she worked with Channel 3, she had to learn Thai in order to be able to speak the language properly.

Nevertheless, Yaya is a Thai girl at heart and her mother also taught her Thai mannerisms and politeness. What is more, she is a Buddhist and went frequently to the temple with her mother as a small girl.

Yaya (photo credit: Volume 183, NadechYaya at

Yaya (photo credit: Volume 183, NadechYaya at

She is a self-confident model and actress today but when she talks she sometimes appears to be shy. However, Yaya smiles and laughs a lot. Hence, it is really surprising that she actually wants to become a lawyer or a politician. Being an actress was not her first career choice but of course she is happy with that too 🙂 In fact, she is now one of the highest paid actresses in Thailand! In the following clip, she talks about her upbringing and her career as an actress. This is really interesting!

Hence, Yaya has been in numerous commercials and she is also frequently spotted as a cover girl on glossy magazines like Volume, Image, Mistine and WE, just to name a few.

As far as I know, she has been in about 13 dramas up until today. In TV series, she is frequently paired with Nadech Kugimiya, for instance in The Rising Sun. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that she has already won many awards for her dramatic ability. For instance, she was titled ‘Popular Leading Actress’ by the Mekkhala Television Awards. Her most famous series is ‘Game Rai Game Rak’ starring as Nang Fah (Fahlada) alongside Nadech Kugimiya.

In her second series called ‘Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong’, she also starred with Nadech. In this film she played the character of Nong Nee (Darunee). Yaya herself also recorded the theme song for the series ‘Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong’ which is called ‘Ar Karn Ruk’ (Symptoms of Love).

What is more, she also was in Thai-French singer Chin Chinawut’s music video ‘My bad habit’. Hence, she is also a skilled dancer and a talented singer as demonstrated in the first clip, in which she sings a duet with James Ji.

Finally, we may say that Yaya Urassaya is an amazing, versatile and promising young luk kreung actress. With good reason, she is so popular and has millions of fans 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

Singto Numchok – Thai Singer & Ukulele Player

Singto Numchok (Numchoke Tanud-rum) is a well-known singer and ukulele player who grew up in Buriram, Thailand. His musical style is similar to that of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and Bruno Mars. Hence, he combines cool jazz sounds with beach surf-rock and pop into a crossover style. He is known for creating feel-good songs 🙂

Singto Numchok*

Singto Numchok*

Singto Numchok’s Story

When he was in this teens, Singto had to leave school and work in a factory because his family was very poor. At the factory, he would play the guitar during lunchtime. At that time he felt very much inspired by the singer Beau Sunita who encouraged him to pursue his dream to become a famous musician. Hence, a fire was lit in him and he decided to realize his heart’s desire.

Singha Tooe, as he is also called, knew that he could achieve anything if he truly pursued his aim. He did not belive in chance or luck. Thus he took his fate into his own hands trying to make the most of himself and his talents. At the beginning of his artist career, Singto and his friends performed their music at pubs but they were not very successful. Eventually, Singto joined the band Mono and recorded two albums with them. However, their songs were no hits either.

The famous Thai singer & ukulele player*

The famous Thai singer & ukulele player*

Nevertheless, Singto would not give up, he loved being at the beach and performing music there. Hence, he left the band Mono moving to Phuket. There he recorded his first album called ‘Singto Numchok’ in 2010 with the record label Pollen Sound. His first single was called ‘Yoo Tor Loet Dai Mai (Can I Stay)” and this song combines soul rhythms with pop.

Apart from playing the guitar, he also tried the ukulele and became very popular playing it. Thus, Singto won the big prize at the first Thailand Ukulele Competition. He received a B16,000 ukulele 🙂

He also released an album named ‘Sticky Rice’ in English since Universal Music liked his music too. This album should sell internationally since he has also performed at music festivals overseas, for example in Japan and Hawaii. Thus, today Singto is also known as an artist in other Asian countries like Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines. In addition, his music is loved in Hawaii because of its surf-rock vibe.

What is more, he produced some popular covers of all-time favourite and classic songs like Stevie Wonder’s My Cherie Amour and Marvin Gaye’s What’s going on. Up until today he has also cooperated with many renowned artists like Joey Boy, Palmy, Stamp and Mr . Lazy, for instance. Recently this year, he perfomed even in London at Thai Square Trafalgar Square.

Summing up, we may say that Singto Numchok is a thoroughbread musician with an unique laid-back style and an affable personality. He sees himself making music his whole life and that is what he really wants to do.

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Singto Numchok, FB page

Peter Corp Dyrendal – Thai-Danish Singer, Model & Actor

Peter Corp Dyrendal was born on 1.January 1976 in Ishøj, Denmark where he was raised. Being half-Thai, he often went to Thailand as a kid where he would stay with his aunt in Bangkok. He went there almost every year during vacations. When Peter was 17 years old, his aunt pushed him to go for a camera test with a modeling agency. The following year, Peter was back in Bangkok and did some modelling jobs which were at that time mostly for fun.

Peter Corp Dyrendal

Peter Corp Dyrendal (photo credit: Peter Corp FB page)

Peter Corp Dyrendal*

However, when he was 19 he got a promising offer by a Thai advertising agency. On this occasion, he was also discovered as a singer and an artist: Peter was on a modelling job on a beach in Thailand playing the guitar. That was when one of the team members became aware of Peter’s potential as a musician. Hence, he was invited to the Thai record company GMM Grammy for a test.

Thus, Peter was encouraged to try a career as a singer and began taking sinning lessons. A few months later, he signed his contract with GMM Grammy and his debut album ‘Hin Pha Ga Darb’ (1998) became a great success and made him a famous ‘luk kreung’ singer in Thailand. However, the following albums were not so successful. For this reason, he went behind the scenes and worked for the production company Nebula.

Peter also went into acting in Thai TV series (Lakorn). Up until now he starred in five TV dramas. For instance, in 2002 he acted alongside Marsha Vadhanapanich in ‘Sai Lom Kub Saeng Dao’ (Wind and Starlight). In this drama, he played the role of a water sport instructor of Thai-New Zealand descent. I think the following clip is from this film 🙂

In 2012 he was in ‘Noom Baan Rai Khub Whan Jai Hiso’ (Farmer boy and High-society sweetheart) with Thai-British actress Araya A. Hargate. What is more, he also starred in the 2011 Thai movie Fabulous 30.

Lovely picture of Peter with his cat (photo credit: Peter Corp, FB page)

Lovely picture of Peter with his cat*

There is also the drama ‘Narng Rai Sai Lub’ (Villain’s spy) with Rasri Balenciaga and finally ‘Ab Ruk Online’ (Secret love online) with the renowned Thai-Swedish actress Ann Thongprasom. Here is a song from the latter drama ‘Ab Ruk Online’ featuring Peter.

Today, Peter is still an actor and married to Ployphan Taweerat since 2013. They have a little son called Panther, his name is thus a mix of the parent’s names. A next son is expected soon who should be called Puma. Hence, it seems that Peter and his wife keep the ‘P’s and stick to the feline theme as well 😉

Peter, Ploy & son Panther (photo credit:

Peter, Ploy & son Panther (photo credit:

By the way, Peter is the older brother of Michael Corp Dyrendal who is an entrepreneur and who also has experience in the Thai entertainment industry.

Summing up, we may say that even though Peter Corp Dyrendal has been working for about 20 years in the entertainment business, he is still going strong and we are curious to know what he will come up with next.

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Peter Corp FB page

Chin Chinawut Indracusin: Thai-French Singer

When I started becoming interested in Thai pop music about three to four years ago, Chinawut-Stéphane Indracusin, who is also known as ‘Chin‘, was the first prominent singer that I came across. Chin, born in 1989, is Thai-French. Thus, he is also a ‘luk kreung’ successful in Thai entertainment industry.


Chin Chinawut (photo credit:

Chin Chinawut (photo credit:

He started his singing career relatively early by taking part in the GMM Grammy young artist development program called ‘G-Junior’.  In 2003 he came together with Guy and Jay who were also young musicians from ‘G-Junior’. Together they formed the group ‘Big 3’. At this time they primarily made Hip Hop, Rap and R&B music. However, three years later in 2006 the boys from ‘Big 3’ wanted to pursue their own solo careers. This was after the release of their album ‘We are Big 3’.

Chin Chinawut

Chin’s first solo album, released in 2007, has the upbeat title ‘Chin Up’. Hence, his first solo single “Bpak Mai Trong Gub Jai” was a great success and made him a top music star in Thailand.

Chin, Thai-French singer*

Chin, Thai-French singer*

The second album ‘Maybe I’m bad’, released in December 2008, was created in New York. However, I prefer his later albums like Chinawut Indracusin (2008) and Chin Chinawut ‘I believe’ (2011). I think the following song is from the 2008 album. This is one of my favourite songs and I find one of the most beautiful love songs ever 🙂

Nevertheless, there are numerous Chin songs of this kind that I really love. Here another beautiful song that is more recent.

You see, I’m really into these kind of ballads. Here is a jazzy song that I truly cherish 🙂 However, Chin also sings more rocking and catchy songs like ‘My bad habit’. By the way, actress Yaya Urassaya was in the music video to this song.

Apart from singing, Chin has also done some acting, for example he starred in a Taiwanese drama called ‘Love 18’. In addition, he is also familiar with Khon dance which is the Thai masked drama telling the story of Rama. This story is based on the Ramakien which is the Thai version of the Ramayana.

Chin as Khon character Tosakanth (photo credit:

Chin as Khon character Tosakanth (photo credit:

For instance, at the World Expo 2010 he also performed as a Khon dancer. He played the character Tosakanth who is the enemy of Phra Ram (Rama). In the following clip, he is getting prepared for the performance. By the way, it is an amazing fact to note that the dancers are actually sown into the costumes. You can also see this in the video of my Khon article where young dancers prepare for their show 🙂

Well, I think Chin Chinawut cuts quite a figure as a Thai pop singer but also as a classical Thai dancer. It’s amazing and as you might have noticed I like his ballads the most 😉

Chin Up*

Chin Up*

Do you know Chin and do you like his music? I think he encourages us to always keep our chins up 😉

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Chin Chinawut, FB page

David Usher: Thai-Canadian Singer and Creative Artist

The perfect time to get creative is now

David Usher

By chance I’ve come across the Thai-Canadian artist David Usher and from what I’ve heard, read and seen of him so far, I can only say that he is a stunning and extraordinary artist 🙂

DavidUsher (photo credit:

DavidUsher (photo credit:

The most astonishing fact about him is that he had Nr.1 singles singing in English, French and Thai. What is more, he appears to be at home in both worlds: in Canada as well as in Thailand. In addition, David is not only a musician but also an author of creative books and he is also available for speeches. Hence, you may book David to speak at your event 😉

David Usher*

David Usher*

He was born 1966 in England to the Thai artist and Chinese Water Colour Painter Samphan Usher and Dan Usher who is a Jewish-Canadian professor of economics at Queen’s University. With his family,  David moved to different places in his childhood and youth. For example, he lived in Thailand, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and also in Canada. He got a degree in political science from the Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and was also politically active. He started his musical career while at university in 1992 when he founded his band ‘Moist’. The band was very successful in Canada in the following years up to 2001. Moist reunited in 2013 and has been making music until today.

singer & creative artist*

singer & creative artist*

David sometimes mixed English and Thai language in his songs. What is more, for example, the video for the song ‘My way out’ from the album ‘Morning Orbit’ (2002) is partly set in Thailand and there is an English as well as a Thai version of this song.

Thus, we may say that it is great that he explored singing his songs also in Thai and live on stage back then.

David has had a remarkable solo career in Canada but also in Thailand. However, I don’t want to list everything he has done in his musical career but rather stress what is special about him, namely that he is so versatile and working with equal passion in different areas.

However, there is much more to say about David and it’s not only about his music. In fact, he seems to be a cultural hybrid 🙂 For example, his new book ‘Let the Elephants Run’ has become a national bestseller in Canada. In this book, David argues that creativity in inherent in every person, it’s a part of the human DNA. He regards it as his task to unlock people’s creativity putting forward the thesis that creativity is a learnable skill. In this context, please check out my review to this book.

Thus, David is also know as a creativity expert, apart from being an excellent musician and singer! His motto is to seize the moment and to make the most of the present. Hence, “the perfect time to get creative is now“, David puts forward. Recently this month, he has talked to the Montreal Gazette about the creative process and what creativity means to him:

Finally, we may say that David Usher is certainly not a typical Thai artist, he is more of a cosmopolitan and a truly creative soul. I think these are the traits that make him so amiable and admirable 🙂 In addition, when you see David in different contexts and decades, it’s hard to believe that it’s the same person after all. But yeah, indeed, he went from 90s rocker to creativity guru 😉 What is more, he can also be regarded as belonging to the Thai celebrities of mixed origin.

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: David Usher, FB page

‘Palmy’ Eve Pancharoen: Thai-Belgian Singer

Palmy is the artist name of the Thai-Belgian pop singer Eve Pancharoen, born in 1981. I first heard of Palmy when I was in Thailand two years ago. That was when my cousin gave me a DVD of a Thai singer Palmy concert. It was the concert called “Ka Ka Ka” from 2012. I was really impressed by Palmy’s show because she is so versatile and she reminded me of 1960s singer-songwriter legend Carol King.

Singer Palmy, Eve Pancharoen*

Singer Palmy, Eve Pancharoen*

On the one side, Palmy is very funny, cute and also very 60s and flower-power-like but on the other side she can also be melancholic, dark and rocking. I find that it’s this mixture that makes her performances so unique and multifaceted.

Thai Singer Palmy

Palmy (Thai: ปาล์มมี่) started her career with the self-titled solo debut album ‘Palmy’ in 2001. A year before, she signed the contract with GMM Grammy. Her first hit was called ‘Yak Rong Dang Dang’.

Since then she has released some more albums and concert DVDs. In fact, we may say that she has explored a variety of popular music styles on each of her solo albums. In addition, she has collaborated with the Thai reggae band T-Bone in order to create experimental versions of her greatest and most popular songs. There are some examples of her experimental music, hence for instance the Flower Power Concert and The Acoustic Album.

Palmy still performs live with T-Bone and she is also frequently a guest vocalist at music festivals (e.g. the Big Mountain Music Festival) and other concerts. For instance, Palmy also performed with Thai ‘Royal Rocker’ Hugo and featured his popular song ‘Disappear in one of her concerts. Even though she has also performed in Australia and the UK, she is more popular in Asian countries, particularly in Thailand.

Thai singer Palmy*

Thai singer Palmy*

In fact, Palmy has featured numerous great songs with other internationally acclaimed musicians like the Thai singer Singto Numchok and the Norwegian artist Erlend Øye. Hence, she not only sings in Thai but also in English like for instance in this charming song ‘Crush’ featuring the latter artist.

I’d like to show you  how versatile Palmy’s music is. Here is a very rocking, well, even 60s Rock ‘n Roll like song called ‘Shy Boy’ from her 4th album.

Or a more melancholic side of her, here is the song “Stay”. What is more, she also sang ‘I want to stop the time’ for the popular Thai ghost movie ‘Phi Mak Phra Khanong’.

In a nutshell, we might be justified in saying that Palmy is very true to herself when making music. She loves to combine different music styles in order to make them her own. In an interview with Monruedee Jansuttipan from ‘The Insider’s Guide to Bangkok’, she said that it’s the most important thing to “do your job with a conscientious attitude. If you do well, no matter what others say, you can be proud of yourself”.

Eve Pancharoen, Thai-Belgian singer*

Eve Pancharoen, Thai-Belgian singer*

Well, this can be considered Thai singer Palmy’s motto and that is in fact what she has done with her music 🙂 In addition, she can be regarded as a very famous Thai celebrity of mixed origin. In short, Palmy rocks 😉

Yours, Sirinya

*photo credit: Palmy, FB page