A Complete Guide to Beach Weddings in Koh Samui, Thailand

With their stunning and romantic scenery and the chance to make some long lasting memories, a beach wedding in Thailand is popular with couples who are planning to tie the knot. The large and lovely island of Koh Samui is a great place to get married as it boasts a large number of stunning sandy beaches, excellent resorts complete with luxurious spas and honeymoon suites and plenty of activities for the happy couple to enjoy while they unwind and enjoy this piece of paradise. Here are some things to take into consideration if you are thinking about getting married in Koh Samui.

Beach Weddings in Koh Samui, Thailand

Beach Weddings in Koh Samui, Thailand


Choosing the Right Time of Year

Thailand features three distinct seasons; the winter season, the summer and the monsoon season. The winter runs from November until February and this is typically the most popular time of year to arrange a beach wedding in Thailand as couples are treated to plenty of dry days and the weather is typically cooler at this time of year. While there are plenty of dry days from the end of February until the end of June, temperatures soar at this time of year and April and May in particular tend to be very hot and humid. While temperatures fall at the end of July, rainfall is common until the middle of October. Couples who want to beat the heat without paying inflated prices during the height of the tourist season will find that there are plenty of great deals to enjoy in October and March.


Selecting the Perfect Beach

There are several stunning stretches of golden sand on the island that make ideal locations for Samui beach weddings. While Chaweng is the largest beach on the island, this is also the most popular area of the island among tourists and the bars that line the beach pump out loud music long into the night. Just to the south of Chaweng, Lamai features a number of upmarket beachside resorts that offer luxurious services, although the nightlife scene here aimed more at party people than those who want to unwind in style. For a more romantic experience, couples are sure to love the quiet northern shore beach of Choeng Mon. Couples who choose to tie the knot here can be almost certain that the beach will be deserted, while a few luxurious hotels can be found on the cliff top overlooking the beach, providing a stunning setting for a tropical wedding. The northern coast is also home to Mae Nam, which is a narrow stretch of powdery golden sand that boasts stunning sunsets and a laid back atmosphere.


All Inclusive wedding Packages

Many of the leading Samui wedding planners such as resorts and hotels off all inclusive wedding packages. People who opt for one of these wedding packages will find that everything is taken care of for them, from the wedding itself to the reception, the Samui wedding photographer and accommodation for the happy couple and their guests.


Planning Your Budget

Of course, before you can select a wedding package or start planning your beach wedding in Thailand, you will need to work out how much money you are willing to spend. Important considerations include the cost of accommodation and flights, activities in Thailand and the wedding reception. It is possible to cut costs significantly by choosing to get married in the low season when there are plenty of deals and discounts to choose from and couples can also save money by shopping around and booking their beach wedding in Koh Samui far in advance.

by Wassana Lampech

Happy Valentine’s Day!

14th February is a special day because it’s Valentine’s Day, a day of love and harmony. If you ask yourself if this special day for lovers is only a ‘Western matter’ or whether it is also popular in Thailand, you can be sure that the celebrations in Thailand beats Valentine celebrations in the Western world by far.

In point of fact, 14th February festivity for lovers is extremely popular in Thailand, it’s celebrated enthusiastically and passionately. Hence, a lot of time and money is spent for this day and you may also critically say that it is a commercial ‘thing’ over there. In particular, teenager and young people like to exchange presents with their loved ones and they often like to go to a romantic dinner in the evening.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Valentine's Day Tree (photo: Johntex, wikimedia.org)

Valentine’s Day Tree (photo: Johntex, wikimedia.org)

It is the time when guys give beautiful flower bouquets, chocolates and other kinds of sweets to their love.

However, not only teenagers but also adults very much enjoy Valentine’s special Day celebrations in Thailand. Thus, exchanging gifts on this day has become a tradition in Thailand.

Valentine's Day gifts in thailandSelling gifts for lovers in Thailand

Thai flower bouquet for Valentine's Day

Thai flower bouquet

On 14th February, shopping malls are beautifully decorated to suit Valentine’s Day and its setting of love and harmony.

In the malls, there are also stalls which sell flowers, sweets, toys and heart shaped balloons on this special day.

In addition, and this is an interesting and fun fact, many couples like to get married on Valentine’s Day in Thailand. Thus, on this day many couples go to the municipal offices in Bangkok’s district of Bang Rak (บางรัก) in order to register their marriages. In fact, Bang Rak means the ‘love district’ (‘Rak’ is the Thai word for love, to love). As a matter of fact, the Bang Rak district office gives 12 gold marriage certificates to 12 fortunate couples who register their marriage at the district office on 14th February.

Suiting the this day’s theme, I’d like to feature a new song by theBOYKOR. It’s called ‘The Wedding Singer’.

Along these lines, I wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day wherever you are!

Yours, Sirinya