Him and Her: Thai Fashion Designer

Him and Her was launched in 2010 by the couple and fashionistas Diloklarp ‘Him’ Junthachotibutr and Ploy ‘Paloy’ Horwang. Initially, they sold vintage fashion and collected pieces from around the world. Ploy is the creative director of this brand and she brings much of her vitality and happiness into the designs.

Him and Her Thai fashion

Thai fashion design (photo: Him and Her, FB page)

Thai fashion design (photo: Him and Her, FB page)

Eventually, these Thai fashion designers began creating womenswear themselves when they moved to their new location. Their fashion design is very popular with Thai celebrities today, offering chic, trendy but also dynamic attire. This is just right for the Bangkok fashionistas who like flamboyance and twists in their outfits.

himandher-3013-803102-1  himandher-2965-613102-1  himandher-7220-627931-1  himandher-7500-917931-1

What is more, Him and Her can also be described as edgy and youthful. Thus, it provides the perfect fit for modern girls. The brand offers clothes that are made for the fashionistas who like to make a statement through fashion and express their personality.

himandher-8103-607931-1  himandher-6822-296931-1  himandher-6088-558441-1  himandher-7759-417931-1

Hence, this label is indeed very much influenced by the founder Ploy’s vigorous character and lifestyle. By the way, she has also done some modelling herself. Thus, her desgins are not only young and edgy but also sophisticated. In this way, Him and Her has proved to be a brand that is not afraid to evolve and develop.

Ploy Horwang in IMPULSE magazine issue 11(photo: sequinandsuade.com)

Ploy ‘Paloy’ Horwang in IMPULSE magazine issue 11(photo: sequinandsuade.com)

Thus, in 2013 Ploy collaborated with ‘Boss’ Pongsanakorn Samnakvicha in order to infuse Boss’ masculine style to Him and Her’s designs. This was to add more dynamic and sportiness to the designs. Hence, Him and Her’s recent collections have been well received by Thai celebrities like actresses Ploy Cherman Boonyasak and Sirin ‘Cris’ Horwang.


Finally we may also describe this Thai label as streetwear fashion with a girly touch that is nevertheless striking and extravagant.

Yours, Sirinya

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Ek Thongprasert: Designer and Founder of Curated

Ek Thongprasert is a well-known Thai designer creating contemporary jewellery and fashion. Thus, he is the founder of the same-named brand and of Curated. He launched the Ek Thongprasert label in 2008 and just one year later ,in 2009, he founded Curated, his conceptual clothing brand which is inspired by Arts.

Thai designer Ek Thongprasert

Thai designer Ek Thongprasert, founder of Curated (photo: Ek Thongprasert, FB page)

Thai designer Ek Thongprasert, founder of Curated (photo: Ek Thongprasert, FB page)

This Thai designer studied first at Chulalongkorn Universtiy and earned a degree in Architecture. However, he wanted to pursue his career further and moved to Antwerp in Belgium where he studied fashion design at the prestigious Fashion Department of the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Fashion design by Curated (photo: Curated, FB page)

Fashion design by Curated (photo: Curated, FB page)

Being an ambitious design student, Ek won many awards, for instance the Fashion Weekend Brussels. He had his breakthrough winning the International Talent Support award in 2007. After his graduation, he began selling his designs through the acclaimed French showroom Florence Deschamps.

Unbenannt4  Unbenannt10  Unbenannt11  Unbenannt6

Ek Thongprasert’s main office is in Antwerp, Belgium where he moved in 2008. In the initial years as a dsigner, Ek was primarily concerned with cearting jewellery and womenswear. However, for a while now he also designs men’s clothing and other kinds of accessories. The original feature of his jewellery is that he preferably uses silicone to create the jewels.

AW15 collection, necklaces and bags embellished with silicone flowers and decoration (photo: Ek Thongprasert, FB page)

AW15 collection, necklaces and bags embellished with silicone flowers and decoration (photo: Ek Thongprasert, FB page)

The special feature of Thongprasert’s designs is his architectual background. Thus, he uses this knowlegde to create amazing designs that are unique in the world. Thus, his designs also have a strong conceptual aspect. That is to say that each of the designer’s collection is a complex combination of design elements and thoughts resulting in collections that are exclusive and unique.


In this way, he creates timeless fashion with a message since the combinations of colour, details and shape let each garment tell a story. Hence, Ek Thongprasert’s creations are a perfect balance of creativity and simplicity that bring out and underline the wearer’s personality and style.

curated zalora  Unbenannt2  Unbenannt5  Unbenannt8

Finally, we may say that the Thai designer label by Ek Thongprasert and Curated make a lasting impression because they are uniquely conceptual and timelessly elegant.

Yours, Sirinya

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TuTTi: Thai Fashion Label

The Thai fashion brand TuTTi was launched by Tutti Wongpuapan in 2007. She studied fashion design at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. She got her first designer job at the Bangkokian fashion brand ‘Soda’ and eventually started her own pret-a-porter label as an independent entrepreneur.

 TuTTi – Thai fashion

Thai designerTutti Wongpuapan (photo credit: TuTTi, FB page)

Thai fashion designer Tutti Wongpuapan (photo credit: TuTTi, FB page)

Growing up in Bangkok, Tutti has always loved vintage and nostalgic garments. Thus, her mother, who was a seamstress, has been a great inspiration for her own sense of style. As a small girl, she would search in her mother’s closet for gorgeous vintage items.

  tutti-5293-186441-1  tutti-3837-656441-1  tutti-5332-976441-1

Thus, TuTTi’s clothing incorporates many vintage influences. She creates these clothes for women who know there style and like to express it through their outfit. In this way, Thai designer  Tutti is not merely vintage but innovative, modern and versatile. Hence, the perfect choice for the fashionista. She offers garments that are sophisticated and classic but also unconventional pieces like cargo pants for instance.

TuTTi Thai fashion logo (TuTTi, FB page)

TuTTi Thai fashion logo (TuTTi, FB page)

The designer feels that women should always be comfortable in their clothes without being complicated. Hence, her womenswear is just custom-tailored for the metropolitan ladies who enjoy quirky yet classical design ideas.

tutti-5860-576441-1  tutti-5934-766441-1  tutti-5371-776441-1  tutti-5354-876441-1

Thus, this Thai fashion brand is always looking for inspiring new influences and concepts. The aim is to create comfortable everyday clothing that is suitable for business as well as casual wear.



In fact, we may say that TuTTi Thai fashion offers something for everyone’s taste. Thus, the womenswear ranges from classic to vintage dresses but also offers more edgy pieces like distressed jumpsuits and sassy shorts.

Yours, Sirinya

(All pictures in this post, photo credit: ZALORA Thailand, unless otherwise stated)

Something Boudoir: Thai Fashion Designer

Something Boudoir by Disaya offers playful, dainty and flamboyant fashion for the young, sweet and ambitious woman. It is made for the fashionista who likes to stand out, strike a pose and feels connected to her inner child 🙂

 Something Boudior

Logo (photo credit: Something Boudior, FB page)

Logo (photo: Something Boudior, FB page)

The team behind Something Boudoir is that of Disaya known for creating amazing and unique designs. Thus, this brand was founded by Disaya Sorakraikitikul who studied fashion and textile design at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. At first, she launched a lingerie line called Boudoir and eventually also turned to fashion design.

something-boudoir-5581-949971-1  something-boudoir-1547-702341-1  something-boudoir-8929-326702-1  something-boudoir-8972-416702-1

In fact, Something Boudior is inspired by the attitude of ‘kids-in-a-candy-store’ and thus creates young fashion and wearable candy clothing that should excite and animate the wearer. The urban fashionista should be thrilled by the pastel coloured, patterned dresses, skirts and tops. Something Boudior does not only offer cute clothes but also amazing accessories like bags, arm & eye candy. This Thai fashion brand is supposed to make the wearer happy and carefree.

something-boudoir-4816-802341-1  something-boudoir-4868-812341-1  something-boudoir-5508-759971-1  something-boudoir-2482-016702-1

However, Something Boudoir is not merely about cute fashion because at the same time the items are very feminine and chic. Thus, this labels combines the aesthetics of a candy emporium with a designer’s supermarket, thus offering an unique shopping experience that appeals to joy and fantasy.

Surfarista 2015 by Something Boudior*

Surfarista 2015 Collection by Something Boudior*

In this way, Something Boudoir is also about versatility and surprise inviting the shoppers to discover its world of candy fashion. For instance, the latest collection is The Surfarista 2015 which combines the beach and surf theme with dainty and sweet fashion design. This is for the young lady who wants to be a fashionista at the beach.

something-boudoir-8953-716702-1  something-boudoir-8919-526702-1  something-boudoir-8999-706702-1  something-boudoir-8935-026702-1

Thai celebrities also love Something Boudior. For example, the Cruise’15 Collection was designed in cooperation with the glamorous yet dainty Make up artist Pearypie. This collection is called ‘Something Wicked’.

Make up artist Pearypie and models (photo credit: Something Boudoir, FB page)

Make up artist Pearypie and models (photo: Something Boudoir, FB page)

Pearypie Make up artist for Something Boudoir (photo credit: Something Boudoir, FB page)

Pearypie Make up artist for Something Boudoir (photo: Something Boudoir, FB page)

Finally, we may say that Something Boudior is truly something special because it mixes street and designer fashion. At the same time the designs are stunningly playful, young and cute 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

(*All pictures in this post, photo credit: ZALORA Thailand, unless otherwise stated)

Lovebird: Thai Fashion Designer

The Thai fashion label Lovebird was launched in 2011 by ‘Pam’ Anisha Attaskulchai. She is the founder and designer of this label and had her grand opening debut in 2013 for the Autumn/Winter season.

Anisha Attaskulchai*

Anisha Attaskulchai*


Anisha takes her inspiration mainly from her own personality and from her experiences. Her motto is that a woman is most beautiful when she is in love. This is also reflected in her fashion designs. Hence, Anisha creates very feminine and sensual womenswear that flatter the female body. Thus, her tops exude femininity but at the same time they are also elegant and sophisticated.

'Pam' Anisha Attaskulchai, third left, designer of Lovebird & her models

‘Pam’ Anisha Attaskulchai, third left, the designer & her models*

What is more, she creates long and short dresses that flatter the right female body features. The flared pants and jumpsuits are just as complimentary and charming. Thus, Anisha prefers soft and flowing fabrics like chiffon and silk which are of a high quality. For this reason, Lovebird is also very much concerned with providing flawless pattern-making and high-quality production.

Inside a Lovebird store

Inside a Lovebird store*

The latest collections from this brand are the Autumn/Winter 2014 ‘Silent Roar’ and the Spring/ Summer 2015 ‘A Day in Capri’ collections. The ‘Silent Roar’ collection is inspired by winter landscapes, snowy mountains and the snow leopard which is considered the spirit of the winter. Hence, the colour scheme is cool and cold including icy blue and grey tones but also earthy tones.

10712695_687760731315175_3740442814419179392_n  1888763_690653737692541_5076803232809822175_n  1969263_687760707981844_1916725315045700899_n  10422013_686844634740118_5834904454704874715_n

In contrast, ‘A Day in Capri’ is inspired by the enchanted Capri Island and is supposed to represent a woman with alluring charms. This collection brings out the mood of the summer season with sweet colour hues. In short, it is all about timeless glamour and also inspired by Valentino, the world-famous Italian designer.

   1907410_786846474739933_310593196875278323_n  10570445_786846794739901_1467932920574881471_n   11076201_786846688073245_8874381882294167136_n

In a nutshell, we may say that Lovebird collections reveal a charming and feminine personality. The outfits are elegant and sophisticated but at the same time also flamboyant. This label is for instance available at Zalora Thailand.

Yours, Sirinya

(All pictures, photo credit: Lovebirdbrand, FB page)

Sretsis: Thai Fashion Designer

Stretsis fashion can be described as a fusion between a traditional and a vintage style. This top Thai designer brand was launched in 2002 by three sisters. Hence, the label already hints at this bond, ‘Stretsis’ being ‘Sisters’ spelled backward.

The Story of Stretsis

Fashion with a vintage touch (photo: Stretsis Universe, FB page)

Fashion with a vintage touch (photo: Stretsis Universe, FB page)

Pimdao Sukhahuta, the eldest of the sisters, is the head designer. She studied at Parsons School of Design in New York and opened her first store while being still a student. Pim did an internship at internationally acclaimed designer Marc Jacob and finally graduated in 2003. By this time, her fashion was already becoming renowned for its unconventional and girlish design.

The three sisters (photo credit: nationmultimedia.com)

The three sisters Pimdao, Klyduen and Matina Sukhahuta, the founders of Stretsis (photo: nationmultimedia.com)

The three sisters stayed in New York for four years. Pim is the main designer and creative director. The younger sister Klyduen is a fashion marketer promoting the brand and the youngest sister Matina creates jewellery which is run under the label ‘Matina Amanita’ jewellery collection.

Playful, vintage & dainty fashion (photo: Stretsis Universe, FB page)

Playful, vintage & dainty fashion (photo: Stretsis Universe, FB page)

Pim very much enjoys a nostalgic and vintage style in fashion. Hence, you often find pieces with unusual patterns in her collections. In fact, her designs are inspired by childhood nostalgic memories. Nevertheless, her design is innovative, flamboyant, unconventional but at the same time elegant and modern. Thus, Stretsis fuses traditional yet whimsical patterns and styles with a modern, stylish touch to create a unique, but somehow naughty style.

sretsis-4887-485331-1  sretsis-9564-755541-1   sretsis-9885-045541-1   sretsis-9618-455541-1

Thus, she puts forward that dressing up should be a part of everyday life. She likes to work with different textures like silk, chiffon and satin. A special feature of Stretsis is that it uses Thailand’s elegant silk textiles to create an innovative Thai fashion design that should make a statement and a lasting impression.

sretsis-0412-728801-1  sretsis-3003-128801-1   sretsis-4980-72838-1   sretsis-9865-145541-1

Stretsis’ headquarter is in Bangkok and employs around 25 seamstresses who sew many dresses by hand. For this reason, every piece of clothing becomes a piece of artwork. The brand is growing and gaining international popularity. Hence, for instance, this brand has been featured in numerous glossy magazines like Vogue, Instyle and Elle. What is more, celebrities like Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Paris Hilton have been seen wearing Stretsis garments 🙂

sretsis-4824-885331-1  sretsis-9491-165541-1  sretsis-4070-655541-1   sretsis-5010-40308-1

Summing up, we may say that Stretsis is one of the top Thai designer brands offering a unique combination of Thai traditional vintage style and sweet lingering patterns. Hence, the style is both sweet and rebellious.

Yours, Sirinya

(*All pictures in this post, photo credit: ZALORA Thailand, unless otherwise stated)

Anchavika: Thai Fashion Designer

Anchavika was launched in 2011 by Anchalee Vikasidnakhakun. Before becoming a designer, she started off selling noodles at her franchise restaurant ‘Tha Siam’. Anchalee received so many compliments from Thais and foreigners for the clothing she made for her children. Hence, she felt encouraged to start her own fashion label even though she did not have a degree in fashion design. Hence, the Anchavika chlothing line was born!


Anchalee Vikasidnakhakun (Anchavika, FB page)

Anchalee Vikasidnakhakun (Anchavika, FB page)

Anchalee offers a fresh take on fashion because with no fashion designer background, she is able to think out of the box. Thus, she has broken all conventional rules when it comes to fashion design. She creates unique pieces from passion. Her first collection was sold in a showroom in Thonglor. A short while later, she was approved to sell her fashion at a shop-in-shop in Central Silom.

Unconventional fashion design (photo: Anchavika FB page)

Unconventional fashion design (photo: Anchavika FB page)

Her fashion design is very personal and individual. Thus, Anchavika is unique and combines a rockabilly and pin up style with some features of college fashion. Hence, Anchavika collections are mostly inspired by rock and tattoos. At the same time, her fashion is very much based on punk. This allows the wearer to combine very feminine pieces with a touch of masculinity.

anchavika-1176-599441-1  anchavika-1634-259441-1   anchavika-7385-589441-1   anchavika-7609-839441-1

Furthermore, bold prints with a touch of pins, skull buttons, chains and tiger head buttons are a common trait in most clothing from this Thai brand. Thus, Anchalee’s role models are designers like Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier and Roberto Cavalli. Since the brand has been so successful in a short time, she creates two collections each year now.


A combination of college fashion and pin up style is characteristic of Anchavika’s fashion*

There are amazing pieces inspired by rock and punk in her collections. For instance, blouses with padding, silk, lace and leather finished dresses and pants. Hence, this fashion designer does not follow any trends but rather relies on her personal taste and passion for creating extraordinary clothes. For this reason, the collections primarily reflect the designer’s personality.

anchavika-1332-979441-1  anchavika-4067-359441-1   anchavika-7491-089441-1   anchavika-7547-579441-1

Today, Anchavika is a very trendy fashion label in Thailand. Anchalee runs the business with her husband Yutthana. While Anchalee is the product designer, her husband is responsible for graphics and store design.

anchavika-1758-749441-1  anchavika-1791-649441-1  anchavika-1873-149441-1  anchavika-1667-159441-1

Summing up, we may say that Anchavika is funky, innovative and unconventional and may be called a feminine rocker label. If you are interested in this fashion label, please check out the collection on ZALORA.

Yours, Sirinya

(*All pictures in this post, photo credit: ZALORA Thailand, unless otherwise stated)

Kem Issara: Thai Fashion Designer

In 2012, KEM ISSARA womenswear was founded by talented Thai designer Karatphet Kem Issara. This top Thai designer brand continues to impress fashion observers all over the world. Kem Issara is innovative and stunning. Hence, Kem considerers herself primarily a textile technique designer.

Top Thai designer (photo credit: kemissara.com)

Top Thai designer (photo credit: kemissara.com)

The Story of Kem Issara

The designer behind this brand studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design in England. She began her career by interning with major brands in New York. Thus, Kem trained with some big names in the fashion industry including Jasmine Di Milo, Chloe Paris and Diane von Fürstenburg. She also earned a degree from the London College of Fashion.

Kem Issara (photo: Kemissarastudio, FB page)

Kem Issara (photo: Kemissara Studio, FB page)

She creates lovely styled tops, dresses, pants, shoes and accessories. This brand was also termed ‘Fresh Face’ fashion line in 2012. We may describe KEM ISSARA’s style as sophisticated, feminine and dainty.



However, the balance between playfulness and seriousness is perfect and the outfits are suitable for both day and night. Thus, the designer believes in creating collections that can work both for a day in the office and a night out with friends.

kemissara-5566-448241-1  kemissara-5236-958241-1  kemissara-5280-758241-1  kemissara-6100-228241-1

Her designs may be called understated. However, they are borne from strong ideas and combine modernity with a touch of vintage fashion. Thus, ISSARA’s design can also be regarded as simple but at the same time the patterns and details are amazingly beautiful and stunning. This feature contributes to the wearability of her fashion.

kemissara-5211-068241-1   Unbenannt3  Unbenannt2   kemissara-8145-638241-1

In a nutshell, Kem loves textiles and their intrinsic nature, thus her work is inspired by art, classical beauty and timeless femininity. In my view her design might be compared to that of ASAVA since their aims and mission are similar. Thus, KEM ISSARA is also among my Top 5 Thai designer brands on ZALORA 🙂

Yours, Sirinya

(*All pictures in this post, photo credit: Zalora Thailand, unless otherwise stated)

ISSUE – Thai Fashion Designer

‘Never give up, no matter what is going on’ (Dalai Lama)

ISSUE Thailand is a designer brand founded in 1999 that wants to combine Buddhist elements with fashion. Designer pieces by ISSUE are not merely supposed to be clothing but they should reveal and bring out the wearer’s personality and charisma.

ISSUE Thailand

ISSUE, Top 5 designer on ZALORA*

ISSUE Thailand*

Hence, this Thai desginer brand embraces the philosophical concept of ‘compassion’ and ‘never give up’ inspired by the teachings of the Dalai Lama. What is more, being a Thai fashion label, the designs are also influenced by the garments of the first Thai royals who went to Europe. Hence, the graphic designs preferably combine traditional Thai and Baroque motifs on different kinds of clothing like tops, jackets, shorts and accessories.

issue-3778-965941-1  issue-3543-085941-1  issue-3899-365941-1  issue-4238-738941-1

Thus, ISSUE is exotic and flamboyant offering women- and menswear with colourful and exotic graphic prints and motifs inspired by Buddhism. The brand’s motto is ‘Life is a journey once you stop walking you are already stepping back’. Hence, their aim is to constantly create new high quality ‘passionate wear’ for both men and women.

issue-6128-557802-1  issue-9566-077802-1  issue-9642-367802-1  issue-9597-867802-1

In addition, ISSUE is also concerned with the environment and thus wants to show appreciation of the fact by creating fashion that emphasizes oneness with the world and the environment. What is more, this fashion brand is also about exploring exotic cultures and absorbing their inspiring influences.


ISSUE SPICES AW2013 in DICHAN MAGAZINE November 2013, photo: Issue FB page

We may say that ISSUE is extravagant and thus very much appeals to the trendsetter and fashionista emphasizing individualism and cultural diversity in fashion. For this reason, it offers more than just fashion.

issue-3801-865941-1  issue-9632-467802-1  issue-0911-267802-1  issue-9546-177802-1

Hence, ISSUE is also among my Top 5 Thai Designer Brands on Zalora 🙂 The collections are always playful and colourful, at the same time encouraging the wearers to combine their outfits in unique ways.

Yours, Sirinya

(All pictures in this post, photo credit: ZALORA Thailand, unless otherwise stated)

Milin – Thai Fashion Designer

Milin was established in 2009 by the talented designer ‘Mimi’ Milin Yuvacharuskul. She studied fashion print design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. After finishing her studies, she did an internship at the New-York based designer Jill Stuart whom she admires greatly. Initially, Mimi also worked as a fashion writer for Sudsupda Magazine before starting her own fashion label.


Fashion designer Milin (photo credit: bk.asia-city.com)

Fashion designer Milin (photo credit: bk.asia-city.com)

At the beginning, Mimi did not know how to run a fashion house. However, she acquired all knowledge needed and had many friends from the fashion industry to help and assist her. In her view, the most important feature for a fashion designer is that he must be unique and innovative. Hence, Mimi always tries to balance the business and the artistic, creative side of her work.



Thus, Milin brand can be described as providing modern wear for spontaneous life. Milin fashion is elegant but also edgy, extravagant and bold. The clothing is minimalistic but at the same time very feminine. Mimi always feels proud when she sees women inspired by her fashion because she also wants to give them the opportunity to express themselves through her extravagant designs.

milin-8016-109051-1  milin-0162-998051-1   milin-7987-788051-1   milin-0744-009051-1

Apart from clothing, Milin also offers a stunning selection of accessories like bags, belts and amazing leather shoes. Thus, Milin invites the fashionista to mix and match her outfits and styles. For this reason, this Thai designer brand is a one stop shop offering amazing collections full of playfulness and elegance. Hence, the brand should appeal to the modern, future orientated woman, living on the fast pace of life.

milin-7828-198051-1  milin-7865-098051-1  milin-7896-988051-1   milin-0169-898051-1

In fact, Mimi, the designer, is a passionate shopper herself because she feel that she also needs inspiration from other brands and styles. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that she enjoys dressing up since it makes herself feel good. Thus, of course she also longs to inspire other women to express their sense of fashion, individuality and creativity.

playfulness & elegance (photo credit: Milin, FB page)

playfulness & elegance (photo credit: Milin, FB page)

Finally, we may say that Milin is an extraordinary Thai fashion brand. Hence, it is also among my Top 5 Thai Designer Brands on Zalora 🙂 The womenswear is playful and elegant at the same time, encouraging the wearers to combine their outfits.

Yours, Sirinya

(All pictures in this post, photo credit: ZALORA Thailand, unless otherwise stated)